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for Mothers

Perinatal mood disorders (PMD) are treatable, but many people do not know the facts. They wait too long to get help, or never seek treatment. Up to 80 percent of new mothers experience some form of baby blues. more about PMD

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Mothers' stories

You're going to get through this. You've got to reach out and share what's on your mind.


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for Healthcare Professionals

1 in 8 women will experience postpartum depression. Resources are available for both you and your patients. learn more

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Patient Resources

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Screening for PPD

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale is a useful tool to screen patients for postpartum depression.

Taken from the British Journal of Psychiatry
June, 1987, Vol. 150 by J.L. Cox, J.M. Holden, R. Sagovsky

for Family & Friends

Partners' Stories

Sylvia, Michael and Melina

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How Partners Can Help

Attend as many doctor appointments as possible. This will show the new mother how much you care about her and give you a chance to communicate with the therapist.

for News & Information

Perinatal mood disorders are treatable. But first you have to ask for help.

call the helpline 24/7 at


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