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Pregnancy Risk Assessment
Monitoring System

New Jersey PRAMS is a joint research project of the Department of Health (DOH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Bloustein Center for Survey Research at Rutgers University. Information from PRAMS is used to help plan better health programs for New Jersey mothers and infants and impact Maternal and Child Health policy and practice.

One out of every 50 women giving birth each month is selected for the PRAMS survey, and more than 70% participate, totaling approximately 1,500 interviews annually. They are asked about their feelings and experiences before, during and after pregnancy. Leading topics include:

  • Sleep practices
  • Breastfeeding
  • Home visiting services
  • Prenatal care and health insurance
  • Maternal and infant health care
  • Maternal smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Cesarean deliveries
  • Pregnancy intention
  • Zika virus supplement

NJ-PRAMS is supervised by the Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Program at DOH. Activities include:

  • Determination of questionnaire content
  • Management of the sampling process
  • Data management and analysis
  • Dissemination of results among state government and private sector programs
  • Education of families and health care providers on determinants of a healthy pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions [English 96K] [Spanish 92K]

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PRAMS Methodology

Summary of Survey Methodology for New Jersey PRAMS

NJ-PRAMS Phase 8 questionnaire + Zika supplement (2016 to present) [English pdf 3M] [Español pdf 3M]

Phase 7 questionnaire (2012 to 2015) – Data currently available in PRAMS Chart Book [English pdf 334k] [Español pdf 366k]

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PRAMS Chart Book

The NJ-PRAMS Annual Chart Book provides information to help plan better health programs for New Jersey mothers and infants – such as improving access to high quality prenatal care, reducing smoking, and encouraging breastfeeding.

The accompanying Chart Book tables [xls] present data that are part of New Jersey’s high priority areas. Data is presented in trend tables from 2003-2013 and by sociodemographic variables for 2013.

Topics of interest include:

  • Insurance status
  • Pregnancy intention
  • Health behaviors (e.g. smoking, vaccination, BMI, etc.)
  • Postpartum behavior (e.g. breastfeeding, newborn sleep patterns, etc.)

The Chart Book also contains summary information on three new emerging health related priorities:

  • Home visitation
  • Dental health
  • Workforce trends

PRAMS Highlights

Other Data Sources

PRAMS web site badgePRAMS data from New Jersey and other states may be accessed on-line through PRAMStat, the CDC's PRAMS Online Data resource. PRAMStat provides public access to over 250 maternal and child health indicators from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS). Users can design their own analysis by choosing from a list of PRAMS and control variables. Results can be viewed in map, chart or table format and exported for use in reports and presentations.


PRAMStat Data Portal

To work directly with PRAMStat data, go to the PRAMStat Data Portal. The Data Portal has a PRAMStat dataset for each year. For any of these datasets, you can filter, export, create custom visualizations such as charts and maps, view associated metadata, and more.

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Data Briefs

Data Briefs present the latest PRAMS survey data on specific issues to inform service providers and policy makers. Each brief describes an "Agenda for Action" for improved healthcare services and links to other resources.

Employment, Workplace Leave and Return to Work Among New Jersey Mothers (January 2017)

Safe Sleep Practices Among New Jersey Mothers: The Importance of Examining Practices by Sub-Groups (August 2016)

Smoking Cessation and Relapse (2014)
Explores the incidence of perinatal smoking. Prenatal interventions and enhanced prevention of post-partum relapse are valuable in light of the long-term health benefits of cessation achieved during pregnancy. (August 2014).

Pre-Pregnancy Alcohol Use in New Jersey (2014)
Incidence of binge drinking before pregnancy, recommending universal screening and appropriate interventions. (June 2014).

Post-Partum Depression in New Jersey
Incidence and population distribution of postpartum depressive symptoms at the time of PRAMS interview (3-6 months), compared to mandatory depression screening at birth/discharge. (January 2014).

Influenza Vaccination Among Pregnant and Postpartum Women in New Jersey : The Importance of the Prenatal Care Provider
Comparisons of influenza immunization rates by provider recommendation. Collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (October 2011).

Cesarean Delivery and Maternal Choice
Preferences expressed by new mothers about cesarean delivery, and their impact on actual deliveries. Collaboration with NJ Hospital Association, Institute for Quality and Patient Safety

Breastfeeding In New Jersey
Prevalence of breastfeeding through the first eight weeks of life. Collaboration with New Jersey WIC Services.

Births from Unintended Pregnancy
Prevalence of unintended pregnancy among live births; maternal and newborn health risks associated with unintended pregnancy.(May 2008)

Screening for HIV in Pregnancy
Prenatal HIV counseling and testing for HIV: guidelines and adherence. Collaboration with the Division of HIV/AIDS Services. (April 2008)

Timely Post-Partum Care for Mothers
The six-week maternal follow-up examination, and sociodemographic disparities. (April 2008)
Data Supplement for Timely Post-Partum Care for Mothers

Timely Newborn and Well-Baby Care
Adherence to recommendation of a pediatric visit in the first week of life and well-baby visits each month in early infancy. (April 2008)
Data Supplement for Timely Newborn and Well-Baby Care

Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy
Smoking cessation behavior of recent mothers in New Jersey and utilization of state services. Collaboration with the New Jersey Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program and Mom's Quit Connection.

Smoking and Pregnancy
Prevalence of smoking before, during and after pregnancy. Collaboration with the New Jersey Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program (CTCP).

Newborn Sleeping Position and SIDS Risk
Prevalence of risk factors related to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Collaboration with the SIDS Center of New Jersey.

Health Insurance and Healthy Pregnancy
Coverage of prenatal care and delivery by private health insurance and NJ FamilyCare. Also examines insurance-related disparities for various perinatal health outcomes. (Dec 2006)

Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy
Prevalence of intimate partner violence during pregnancy, social and behavioral risk factors and calls for universal screening for all pregnant women. Collaboration with UMDNJ, New Jersey Medical School.

Pre-Pregnancy Weight Status and Pregnancy Weight Gain
Compliance with IOM recommendations for pregnancy weight gain according to pre-pregnancy weight; risk factors and perinatal complications. Collaboration with New Jersey WIC services.

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Related Links

National PRAMS Program – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Background, methodology and current results.

Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology, Department of Health
Information about the program unit that organizes New Jersey PRAMS.

Bloustein Center for Survey Research

Rutgers University’s lead social science survey unit manages the data collection for NJ-PRAMS and for many other state-sponsored survey projects.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System – New Jersey
The corresponding survey for the health of the adult population. Managed by New Jersey’s Center for Health Statistics.

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Sharon Cooley, MPH
NJ PRAMS Coordinator
Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Program
New Jersey Department of Health
Telephone:  609-292-5656

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