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ShapingNJ Child Care Best Practices Toolkit

This toolkit, designed by ShapingNJ Child Care Workgroup memebers, provides simple and easy to use tools, practices and guides to impelment low cost, safe and appealing options for young children to eat healthy and play actively in child care centers. 

1. Child Care Toolkit Sections

Cover Page  
i. Preface     
ii. Contributors      
iii. Toolkit Table of Contents - June 2012

2. Overview and Strategies

a. Introduction & Background
b. NJ State Report Card - Child Care - C+
c. NJ Rating Child Care Regulations 2010
d. Link to: Five-Two-One-Almost None
e. ShapingNJ Strategies  
       1. Child Care At A Glance
f. Let's Move! Child Care - Overview
g. Let's Move! Child Care - 5 Goals
h. Let's Move! Child Care Checklist Quiz & Action Planning Tool
       1. Checklist Tool for Providers that serve Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers
       2. Checklist Tool for Providers that serve Infants or Toddlers
       3. Checklist Tool for Providers that serve Toddlers or Preschoolers
       4. Checklist Tool for Providers that serve Preschoolers

3. Current Recommendations

a. Caring for Our Children (3rd edition) - Standards for Best Practice
b. NJ Requirements for Child Care Centers - Nutrition, physical activity and obesity standards (presentation)
c. Draft NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool - Nutrition
d. Draft NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool - Physical Activity

4. Nutrition

a. Recommendations
b. Categories of Foods to Offer  
c. MyPlate: 10 Tips To A Great Plate 
d. Beverage Recommendations 
e. Sugar-sweetened Beverages - Coming Soon
f. Foods Brought From Home - Sample Policy (See also: Sample policies)
g. Family Style Meals in Child Care Settings 
h. Farm to Preschool 
i. Food Allergies - A Guide for Youth Group Leaders 
j. Nutrition Policy (See: Sample Policies)

5. Physical Activity

a. Recommendations
b. Physical Activity: How Much Is Needed?
c. Fun Physical Activities
       i. Infants 
       ii. Toddlers  
       iii. Preschoolers   
       iv. Active Play Outdoors  
       v. Non-Competitive & Active Games for Preschoolers  
       vi. Touch It   
d. Physical Activity Policy (See also: Sample Policies)

6. TV Viewing and Computer Use

a. Recommendations
b. TV Viewing & Computer Use Policy (See also: Sample Policies)

7. Breastfeeding

a. Recommendations  
b. Proper Handling and Storage of Breast Milk  
c. Breastfeeding Policy Guidance  
d. Link to: The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding  

8. Curriculum

a. Select Preschool Health and Nutrition Curricula

9. Parent Information

a. Childhood Obesity  
b. Eating Better On A Budget     
c. Encourage Healthy Eating Habits     
d. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program     
e. Physical Activities for the Family     
f. Link to: Family Checklist for Physical Activity in Early Care and Education 
g. Link to: Family Checklist for Nutrition in Early Care and Education    
h. Letter to Families - Reducing Screen Time 

10. Menus, Recipes and Healthy Snacks

a. Healthy Snacks, Recipes, and Menu Ideas   
b. Healthy Kid Recipes 
       i. Fruit Kabobs   
       ii. Fruit Cones  
       iii. Moo Shakes  
       iv. Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits  
c. Snacks Menus - Older Infant/Toddler  

11. Healthy Celebrations

a. Healthy Holiday Celebrations - Winter   
b. Birthday Candle Movement Activity

12. Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

a. At-Risk Afterschool Meal Program     
b. Water Availability in the Child and Adult Care Food Program      
c. Nutrition Fluid Milk and Fluid Milk Substitutions in Child Care Facilities   
d. Summary of Child and Adult Care Food Program Provisions in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

13. Afterschool Programs

a. Physical Activity and Academic Performance      
b. The Importance of a School Wellness Council in Your School       
c. Physical Activity - School Age        
d. Fun Physical Activities      
       i. "A" my name is...    
       ii. Black Ice      
       iii. Can you...     
       iv. Go for the Goal   
       v. Hoop It Up       
       vi. Hoops Stations     
       vii. Jackhammers   
       ix. Me and My Beanbag     
       x. Para-Jaws       
       xi. Partner Sit-Up      
       xii. Rocket Runner      
       xiii. The Rhythm Train 
       xiv. Top Dog Badminton      
       xv. Whoa Food Tag 

14. Sample Policies

a. NAP SACC Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies

15. Appendix

a. Provider Newsletters/Communications  
       i. Child Care Environment is Key to Healthy Children  
       ii. A Garden of Curricula for Early Childhood Educators   
       iii. Early Care Issues: Revising NJ's Child Care Regulations to Support Healthier Childhood Behaviors   
b. Healthy Fundraising Alternatives  
c. Alternatives to Using Food As A Reward   
d. Guidelines for Healthy Meetings - NY State Dept. of Health Center for Community Health