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ShapingNJ Promising Practices Exchange

The ShapingNJ Promising Practices Exchange is an opportunity to share your organization's collaborative work towards making policy and environmental changes that impact obesity rates in New Jersey. Sharing your work will inspire others to create similar changes that support physical activity and/or healthy eating in their communities, schools, child care centers, hospitals and worksites.

Please complete the form below and after submission, the information will be sent to Your promising practice will be reviewed by The Office of Nutrition & Fitness. Select practices will be posted on the ShapingNJ website. Additionally supporting files like policy documents and photographs should be emailed directly to and include the reference number generated by this form.


What resources (funding, materials, staffing/people, other partners, etc.) were needed for the project?

Briefly describe your project, including the steps you took and the timeframe it took to implement the project.

What were the barriers, facilitators, and lessons learned during the process?