Food & Drug Safety Program

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Food Emergency Preparedness and Defense Project

Project Leader: Vacant
Phone Number: (609)826-4935

Protect Food PosterThe Food Defense and Emergency Preparedness Project coordinates the protection of New Jersey’s food supply from intentional adulteration based on Presidential Homeland Security Directives and the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.

This project is responsible for defining the Critical Infrastructure within the food sector, disseminating and monitoring the implementation of the Food Sector Best Practices and providing training programs for industry and public health officials. This project also assists industry in conducting site-specific vulnerability assessments and development of emergency response plans.

Working with local health departments and the food industry, this Project is also responsible for ensuring food is safe and wholesome in the event of a natural disaster such as a blackout, flood, or hurricane.

Preparedness Guidance Documents



TIP: It is important to conduct background checks for all potential new hires.

Refer to the “Food Defense Self Inspection Checklist” above for easy ways to identify vulnerabilities in your wholesale or retail food establishments.


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