Food & Drug Safety Program

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Food Safety Education and Outreach

Project Leader: Virginia Wheatley
Phone Number: (609)826-4935

Food Safety PosterEach year, an estimated 76 million people get sick from food. More than 300,000 people are hospitalized and 5,000 die from foodborne illness. Decreasing illness rates require prevention, intervention, and appropriate response.

Much of the Food and Drug Safety Program’s work focuses on regulatory requirements and compliance to protect New Jersey’s food supply. However, food safety education and outreach efforts regarding good hygiene and food handling practices are also an extremely important part of food safety promotion. Our education efforts target the food industry, local health departments, and consumers. Whether it’s training local inspectors on food labeling, distributing a poster to restaurants on handling customers’ food allergies, or publishing a brochure for pregnant women about which kinds of fish are risky to eat, the Food and Drug Safety Program constantly seeks out new opportunities to get critical food safety information to those who need it most.

Below you will find educational materials on various food and drug safety topics. First are materials written for members of the food and drug industry, and the regulatory community. Next are educational materials for consumers. Hard copies can be obtained by contacting the Food and Drug Safety Program directly. Check back often for new educational materials!

For Industry and Regulators

For Consumers

TIP: Handwashing is the most effective way to prevent foodborne illness. Wash your hands before food preparation, after touching raw meat, chicken, or fish, after using the restroom, and after touching anything that could contaminate food. Use warm water and soap, and scrub vigorously for 20 seconds, or as long as it takes you to sing “Happy Birthday.”


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