Food & Drug Safety Program

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Wholesale Drug Project Revocations and Suspensions

Wholesale Drug Project Revocations

  • Tri-Med America LLC - 68 Colfax Ave. Clifton NJ
    Gabor Szilagyi, owner

  • Pharmax Inc./Pharmax LLC- 83 N. Summit Avenue Tenafly, NJ 07670
    Farhat N. Ahmad, owner
    Nazir M. Ahmad
    Ahmed Hamed
    Said Moammed
    Walid Farhat

Wholesale Drug Project Suspensions

  • LLC Rx-, Inc.- 888 Newark Avenue Suite 102/107 Jersey Coty NJ 07306
    Joel A. Jiminez, Owner & President

Suspensions (until further notice)

Investigation Drug Delivery- Sewaren and/or Woodbridge NJ.
Reg# 5004110-suspended as of 8/15/2012
NJDOH Inspection Pending-Company informed
Hank Incognito, owner
Steve Corba , owner


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