Food & Drug Safety Program

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Wholesale Drug And Medical Device Registration

Project Leader: Eric Lieberman, Esq.

Phone Number: (609)826-4935

Wholesale Drug Project Revocations and Suspensions


The Wholesale Drug Project oversees and regulates the intrastate and interstate wholesale manufacturing and shipment of human and veterinary prescription, non-prescription drugs, and medical devices.  If your company is domestic and/or foreign and you are shipping wholesale into or out of the state of New Jersey, your company is required to be registered with the New Jersey Department of Health Food and Drug Safety Program.  Applications can be found by clicking on the links below.  

The regulations require that all manufacturers, whether contract or virtual, and wholesalers, distributors, relabelers and brokers (as title owners) register with this office.

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#1 - Please note that on the initial application, we are required to collect the names, addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers, and signatures of those individuals who own 10% or more of shareholder stock.

#2 – If you are currently registered with this office and there has been a change of ownership or change in corporate structure, your company is required to notify this office within 15 days.

#3 – The Department regulates medical gases, but does not regulate Durable Medical Equipment (DRE).


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