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Cardiac Catheterization


New Jersey hospitals that operate a cardiac catheterization laboratory are required to report data on each patient undergoing catheterization.  This includes both diagnostic and interventional catheterization procedures.  [More on catheterization procedures]
The information is collected in the department’s Cardiac Catheterization Registries, and used both to assess compliance with licensing standards and
to monitor cardiac catheterization trends.
The department licenses all cardiac catheterization laboratories in one of four categories.  These categories determine the types of procedures the lab may perform and the types of patients they may treat.  [More information on licensing categories]
Nine New Jersey hospitals with cath labs have also joined the state’s Elective Angioplasty Demonstration Project.  The project is part of a federally funded, multi-state study of elective (non-emergency) angioplasty in hospitals without on-site cardiac surgery back-up.

Johns Hopkins University is conducting the study to determine whether patients would benefit if elective angioplasty were made more widely available at community hospitals without cardiac surgery services.

Currently in New Jersey, as in most states, only emergency angioplasty may be performed in licensed labs without cardiac surgery back-up.

Published Reports
Technical information about cardiac catheterization is available in:

Data Charts

Cardiac Data Registries - Cardiac Surgery and Cardiac Catheterization by Hospital:

Primary Angioplasty Quarterly Reports:

Additional data charts on cardiac catheterizations are available showing:

Data Reporting

In 2007, New Jersey implemented a unified data reporting system for all cardiac catheterization laboratories. Hospitals now use one reporting form, filling out only those portions relating to the type of lab each hospital operates.

Please visit the Cardiac Surgery page for forms and instructions on cardiac surgery reporting.


Regulations governing Cardiac Diagnostic Facilities and Cardiac Surgery Centers, Certificate of Need, and Hospital Licensing, as well as related forms, applications and instructions are available from the Certificate of Need and Healthcare Facility Licensure program.


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