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November 2015 AC The New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) has issued a memorandum to FQHCs and other DOH licensed primary care facilities granting a global waiver permitting the sharing of clinical space in order to promote the integration of primary care and behavioral health services, pursuant to certain provisions set forth in the memorandum. Click here for more information [pdf 758k]
May 2015 LTC NJHA’s Health Research and Educational Trust offers training for volunteer bilingual staff of health care facilities to act as medical interpreters. Click here to learn more about the Interpreter Training Program for Bilingual Staff [pdf 150k]. To enroll please visit here.
January 2015 LTC Apply for funds to support projects to directly benefit and enhance the well-being of nursing home residents. Click here for more information.
November 2014 LTC The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) is proud to be selected by CMS as one of the first states to implement electronic Plan Of Correction (ePOC). Click here for more information [pdf 41k]
November 2014 LTC New Jersey Action Coalition is offering training sessions for RN Transitions into Practice Nurse Residency Model for Long Term Care. Click here for more information [pdf 85k]
November 2014 LTC The New Jersey Alzheimer’s Disease Study Commission invites you to attend Public Hearings. Click here for more information [pdf 42k]
October 2014 LTC Results of the Assisted Living Resident Profile Results for 2013 [pdf 1.25m]
July 2014 AC/LTC Department of Law and Public Safety New Jersey Prescription Blanks Notification [pdf 17k]
June 2014 LTC Nurse Aide Candidate Information Bulletin 2014 [pdf 308k]
April 2014 AC/LTC The Department of Health and Human Services has released (03/28/2014) a security risk assessment (SRA) tool to help providers with HIPAA compliance. Click here for information regarding the Security Risk Assessment tool.
August 2013 LTC Alzheimer’s Resources for Assisted Living Residences, Assisted Living Programs and Comprehensive Personal Care Homes [pdf 1.94m]
February 2013 LTC Questionnaire Regarding the Recovery of Correctly Paid Benefits from the Estates of Deceased Medicaid Beneficiaries [pdf 149k]
February 2013 AC Notification of Reportable Events [pdf 97k]
January 2013 LTC Notification of delegating the administration of injectable medications (in addition to the previously approved insulin) via disposable, integrated, mechanical, medication delivery devices that are pre-filled by the manufacturer [pdf 77k]
January 2013 LTC Advance Standing Report for Assisted Living Residences/Programs and Comprehensive Personal Care Homes [pdf 37k]
November 2012 AC/LTC Declared Public Health Emergencies-All Hazards Frequently Asked Questions & Answers [pdf 479k]
November 2012 AC/LTC Medicare Fee for Service Emergency/Disaster Related Policies & Procedures [pdf 688k]
November 2012 AC/LTC EMTALA Compliance During a Public Health Emergency [pdf 137k]
September 2012 LTC Hand in Hand: A Training Series for Nursing Homes, on Person-Centered Care of Persons with Dementia and Prevention of Abuse [pdf 39k]
August 2012 AC Surgical Technologists - Compliance with N.J.S.A. 26:2H-12.63 [pdf 25k]
July 2012 AC/LTC Universal Transfer Form (UTF) Frequently Asked Questions [pdf 150k]
May 2012 LTC Notification of New Reportable Events Procedures [pdf 69k]
January 2012 AC Compliance with P.L. 2006 An Act Concerning Marriage and Civil Unions [pdf 1.5m]
September 2011 AC and LTC As a result of the effects of Hurricane Irene, the Department of Health has received many inquiries, including a significant number about MDS assessment requirements. CMS provides three valuable resources that contains the requested information. In particular, we would like to refer you to Section K of the document entitled Provider Survey and Certification Frequently Asked Questions-Emergency Preparedness All Hazards FAQ. This section addresses the process for residents who were evacuated, and allows for 'minimal disruption'. The sending facility should only discharge the resident if the resident does not return within 30 days. Please review the remainder of the information carefully.

April 2011 AC Ambulatory Surgery Center - Accreditation Survey

October 2010 LTC Important notification regarding transition of provider services
February 2010 LTC N.J.A.C. 5:70-4.7(c)2 Automatic Fire Suppression Requirement for All Nursing Homes [pdf 35k]
August 2009 AC
Attention - Risk Type 3 Food Establishments, including but not limited to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospitals [pdf 15k]
February 2009 LTC Outbreak Prevention and Control Recommendations for Respiratory Infections [pdf 197k]
February 2009 LTC Outbreak Prevention and Control Recommendations for Gastrointestinal Infections [pdf 85k]
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The sample health care forms on this page have been translated into four languages: Haitian Creole, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish. The forms are offered free of charge to facilitate communication between patients and health care workers, and to reduce disparities.

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