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Making New Jersey a Model for Best Practices
in Health Care Symposium
February 19, 2003

On February 19, 2003, the Department of Health, in conjunction with the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, sponsored a symposium on health care quality, Making New Jersey a Model for Best Practices in Heath Care. The symposium provided a forum for national and state experts to reflect on national trends, New Jersey quality of care performance and best practice models. The program was designed to allow consideration of the current state of health care practice and ways to improve health care quality performance .

Presentations were heard from the following speakers. Overheads from their presentations follow:

  1. The Business Case for Quality (PDF 460K)
    Brent C. James, M.D., M.Stat.
    Executive Director
    Institute for Health Care Delivery Research
    Intermountain Health Care

  2. The Business Case for Quality: A Work in Progress (PDF 607K)
    Peter A. Gross, M.D.
    Chair, Department of Internal Medicine
    Hackensack University Medical Center

  3. Healthcare Quality in New Jersey: A Report Card (PDF 1.41M)
    Stephen F. Jencks, M.D., M.P.H.
    Director, Quality Improvement Group
    Office of Clinical Standards and Quality
    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  4. NCQA Healthcare Quality: New Jersey HMOs (PDF 435K)
    Alan Hoffman, M.H.S.
    Director, Quality Solutions Group
    National Committee on Quality Assurance

  5. The Quality Journey, Atlantic City Medical Center (PDF 1.3 M)
    Susan H. Bane, M.D., F.A.C.P.
    Vice President, Medical Affairs
    Atlantic City Medical Center

  6. Surgical Infection Prevention Project (PDF 1.13 M)
    Peter Lindenauer M.D., M.Sc. FACP
    Division of Healthcare Quality
    Baystate Medical Center

  7. Accelerating Performance Excellence at RWJUH:
    Using the Malcolm Baldrige Approach to Improvement
    (PDF 2.87M)
    Maureen Bueno, Ph.D., R.N.
    Vice President, Clinical Outcomes and Medical Affairs
    Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

  8. How Aetna Can Help Hospitals and Physicians Improve Care (PDF 177K)
    James A. Cowan, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.
    Medical Director, U.S. Quality Algorithms

  9. Quality Journey: Making Change in the Health Care System (PDF 1.71M)
    William P. Thompson, M.H.A.
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Development
    SSM Health Care

  10. Patient Safety: Institute of Medicine Quality Initiatives (PDF 414K)
    Karen Adams, M.A., M.T., A.S.C.P.
    Program Officer, Institute of Medicine
    The National Academics

  11. Improving Patient Safety: What Will It Take? (PDF 269K)
    Daniel Stryer, M.D.
    Acting Director, Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

  12. Public Reporting of Hospital Performance: The Rhode Island Experience (PDF 403K)
    Cathy E. Boni, Ph.D., R.N., C.P.H.Q.
    Senior Vice President, Hospital Association of Rhode Island

  13. Speaking of Quality: Federal Reporting Efforts (PDF 304K)
    Daniel Stryer, M.D.
    Acting Director, Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

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