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Indoor Environmental Consultant License Application

N.J.A.C. 8:50, Standards for Indoor Environment Certification and for Licensure of Indoor Environmental Consultants, establishes standards for the licensing of all consultants who conduct Indoor Environmental Health Assessments (IEHAs) in child care centers and educational facilities. The following directions provide information regarding the application process as well as links to documents which are required to be submitted as part of the application for an Indoor Environmental Consultant (IEC) license.

Directions for the submission of the IEC license application:

  1. The following forms must be completed and submitted as part of the application:

    Indoor Environmental Consultant Application
    [pdf 20k] [doc 59k]
    Employee Qualifications: Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor and Evaluation Contractor Information (CEHS-10) [pdf 22k] [doc 77k]
    Employee Qualifications: Asbestos Inspectors (CEHS-11) [pdf 23k] [doc 79k]
    Employee Qualifications: General Indoor Environmental Health Assessor (CEHS-12) [pdf 19k [doc 37k]
    Consultant / Employee Certification
    [pdf 11k] [doc 31k]
    Employee Qualifications: Radon Certification Information (CEHS-14) [pdf 21k] [doc 68k]
    Indoor Environmental Consultant Renewal Application (CEHS-16) [pdf 85k] [doc 63k]

  2. Application fee

    All applications must be accompanied by a fee of $2,000.

    The fee is nonrefundable

    Must be a certified check or money order (no cash or personal checks will be accepted)

    Be made payable to: Treasurer, State of New Jersey

    Any application which is not accompanied by the fee as outlined above, may be returned. No consultant will be licensed unless the fee for the license has been paid.

  3. Employee Qualifications

    Although there is a place indicated for “Sub-contracting” on the Lead qualification form (CEHS-10), with the exception of "General Indoor Environmental Assessors," sub-contracting is permissible for the other activities also. If the applicant chooses to sub-contract, the applicant must indicate the name of the company and/or individual who will be used on each applicable (CEHS-10, CEHS-11, and/or CEHS-14) form. Proof of a contract or agreement to do this work may be requested.

    Note: If an owner listed on the CEHS-9 form will be conducting any part of the IEHA, they must also be listed on the employee qualification forms for any work they will be conducting. A CEHS-13 must also be completed for those individuals.

  4. Consultant / Employee Certification (CEHS-13)

    This form must be completed for each individual listed on forms CEHS-10, CEHS-11, CEHS-12 and CEHS-14. In instances where lead, asbestos or radon work will be sub-contracted, a CEHS-13 form does not have to be completed by the employees of the sub-contracting firm.

  5. Submission of Application

    Applications should be submitted in an electronic format, via e-mail or on CD. Any forms which have been signed, must be scanned with the signatures legible. At this time, the Department does not accept credit cards, therefore a check (see number 2 above) will need to be forwarded. When doing so, please include a copy of the completed first page of the CEHS-9 form. Applications sent via e-mail will not be processed until payment is received. Applications will be reviewed according to when this office receives both the application and the check.

Upon completion of the review, the license will either be issued or the applicant will be contacted regarding additional information which might be required.

In accordance with N.J.A.C. 8:50-5.5, anyone who violates the provisions of that chapter may be assessed a civil administrative penalty of no more than $25,000 per day for the first offense and $50,000 per day for the second and each subsequent offense. Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting an IEHA without being licensed as a DOH Indoor Environmental Consultant
  • Submitting reports for a Safe Building Interior Certifications which are not in the format prescribed by the regulations
  • Falsifying information on documents submitted to the DOH

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