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Lead Licensing and Permit Requirements

In NJ, lead-based paint work must be conducted by companies who possess either a lead Evaluation, Commercial Buildings and Superstructures, or Housing and Public Buildings contractors license (as appropriate) issued by the NJ Department of Community Affairs. All of the firm's employees who conduct lead-based paint activities must possess a permit issued by the NJ Department of Health.

Contractor Requirements

NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA) - Companies who conduct lead-related activities in NJ must be licensed by the NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA).  For information on how to contact the DCA, please refer to the Indoor Environments Contacts page.

Individual Permitting Requirements

All individuals employed by licensed lead contractors to conduct lead activities must be permitted by the NJ Department of Health.  For more information on discipline description, education/experience requirements, and how to apply for a permit, follow the links below:

Taking the NJ Inspector, Risk Assessor, Supervisor (for Housing and Public Buildings or for Commercial Buildings and Superstructures) Third-Party Examinations

After the completion of training, all Inspector/Risk Assessors and Supervisors (for both housing and public buildings as well as commercial buildings and superstructures) must take a third-party state examination.  These examinations are administered by Pearson VUE. For more information on how to take the examination, please refer to the "Lead Examination Candidate Information Bulletin" [pdf 74k]. This bulletin provides exam candidates with the information necessary to schedule and take the examination.


Application for Reciprocal Lead Permit [pdf 45k] - Applicants who have been trained and permitted outside of New Jersey must provide proof of a currently valid certification with another state which has received US Environmental Protection Agency authorization to administer and enforce a state lead certification and training program under Title IV of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Replace a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Permit

Application for Replacement of Lost Lead Permit (L) [pdf 35k] - If your NJ lead permit has been lost, stolen or damaged, an "Application for Replacement of Lead Permit" must be submitted to the DOH.

Note: Permits may be replaced no more than two (2) times during the two year period for which the permit is valid.

Renew a Lead Permit

All permittees must take a NJ-approved refresher course and submit a complete application to renew their permit.  At the completion of training, the training agency will provide each trainee with an application and instructions on how to apply for the permit. If an application is lost or misplaced, it can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate discipline above. 

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