Medicinal Marijuana Program

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ID Card Renewal

Patient Initiated Identification Card Renewal Process

The following information is provided for current MMP patients whose 2-year ID card is approaching expiration. Patients who wish to continue participation in the program will be provided information on how to re-register via email. You can also access these instructions by logging into your profile.

E-mail notices will be sent out at 60 days and again at 30 days prior to expiration and will include instructions for re-registration.

Patients (and caregivers if applicable) will be required to upload a new photograph, proof of residency, government photo ID, (and proof of MMP approved government assistance if applicable).

Caregivers who have been previously fingerprinted will not be required to be re-fingerprinted. however; they will be required to pay a fee for an updated criminal background investigation.

Please select the following helpful links to read instructions on re-registration:


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