Management and Administration

Management and Administration

Eric Anderson, Director

Management and Administration supports the operational programs of the New Jersey Department of Health through timely delivery of quality products related to finance, budget and facilities management.

Budget and Financial Planning

Eric Carlsson

Coordinates the annual budget process, federal funds management, and monitors expenditures of the Department’s state and non-federal budget allocations.

Accounting and Procurement

Jackie Shelly

Provides assistance to the Department’s operating divisions in the area of purchasing, accounting and cash management.

Set Aside Information

As a result of the 2003 U.S. District Court ruling in GEOD Corp. vs. State of New Jersey, the Governor's office promulgated new regulations changing the state’s set-aside program. These regulations require that 25 percent of new purchases be allocated to the small businesses covered by the new program. The Governor has also issued Executive Order #71, revamping the system so so that 25 percent of all state business be awarded to small businesses.

Administrative Services

Kevin Jennings

Provides assistance to the Department’s operating Division in the area of facilities management, warehouse, printing and records management.

Grants and Auditing

Provides assistance to the Department’s operating divisions in the area of third party grants issuance and auditing.

Last Reviewed: 9/29/2016