Patient Safety Reporting System

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Resource Links on Patient Safety and RCAs

These links provide important information to support the development of safety programs and the preparation of RCAs.

Federal Drug Administration (FDA):

The FDA MedWatch program collects reports of adverse reactions to pharmacologic and biologic agents and medical product problems and issues periodic MedWatch Alerts regarding a problem or potential problem with a drug or medical device. This site is a timely safety information gateway on drugs and other medical products regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI):

IHI offers resources and services to help health care organizations make long lasting improvements that enhance clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS):

The NCPS offers a unified and cohesive patient safety program, from the Veterans’ Administration, for reducing and preventing adverse medical events. This approach is based on prevention not punishment and applies human factor analysis and the safety research of high reliability organizations (aviation and nuclear power) targeted at identifying and eliminating system vulnerabilities.

National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF):

The NPSF mission is to create a core body of knowledge about patient safety, identify pathways to apply that knowledge and develop and enhance a culture of receptivity by raising public awareness about patient safety.

NJ Patient Safety Workshop:

The Department of Health (DOH), in conjunction with the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), sponsored a two- day workshop on August 19th and 20th, "Making New Jersey a Model for Patient Safety."

Patient Safety Authority (PSA):

The PSA in neighboring Pennslvania is an independent state agency charged with reducing and eliminating medical errors by identifying problems and recommending solutions that promote patient safety in hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities and birthing centers. PSA periodically issues a PSA Advisory which addresses patient safety issues.

Patient Safety Network (PSNet):

PSNet is a one-stop portal of resources developed by the Agency for Healthcare and Quality for improving patient safety and preventing adverse medical events that can be customized to the user’s area of interest.

Quality Spotlight:
This Department of Health web site for health care professionals gives current information on quality and patient safety and includes extensive links, materials and meetings.

Web M&M:

This Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and Web M&M monthly online journal and forum on patient safety features expert analysis of anonymously report medical errors, interactive learning modules on patient safety and forums for online discussion.