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Surveillance Unit Publications

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Reporting Forms

  • Clinical Laboratory Report of Elevated Levels of Heavy Metals, is available in electronic format. Click here [pdf 60k] [word 43k] to download a copy. Completed forms can be faxed or mailed as instructed on the form.

  • Occupational and Environmental Disease, Injury, or Poisoning Report by Health Care Provider is available in electronic format. Click here [pdf 33k] [word 62k] to download a copy. Completed forms can be faxed or mailed as instructed on the form.

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Educational Materials


  • Controlling Chemical Exposure; Industrial Hygiene Fact Sheets
    [pdf 114k]
    Employers who want to know more about how to protect their employees from being exposed to chemicals will find good information in this set of 16 fact sheets that provide concise guidance on many aspects of industrial hygiene controls. Simple explanations are given on the basics of substitution, isolation, ventilation, housekeeping, wipe sampling, and air sampling. Basic information is also given on chemical protective clothing, gloves, and respirators along with the names and phone numbers of manufacturers. An overview of medical exams and tests for chemical exposures is given along with a list of the OSHA standards which require such testing.

  • Don't Get Hurt Working Around Sanitation Trucks
    This brochure, developed in English and in Spanish, offers simple steps to collectors and drivers to help prevent injuries while working on or near sanitation trucks.

  • How to Make Your Job Healthier [pdf 2.5mb]
    General resource manual for employees.

  • List of Physicians in New Jersey Specializing in Occupational and Environmental Illness
    List of board-certified occupational medicine physicians in New Jersey.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Issues for the Older Worker [pdf 182k]
    This information bulletin provides guidance to aging workers and their employers regarding health and safety issues in the workplace. The importance of wellness and the role that underlying medical conditions can play are discussed including steps employers can take in preventing illness and injury among this population in the workplace. Resources are also included.

  • What is FACE about ... [pdf 176k]
    In a question and answer format this brochure answers most frequently asked questions about the New Jersey FACE project.

  • Working Safely in the Cold [pdf 217k]
    This publication presents an overview of the health hazards of working in cold environments and contains guidelines and resources on how workers can be protected. Types of jobs at risk for cold exposure are listed.

Work-Related Asthma

Latex Allergy





  • Summary of OSHA Cadmium Standard [pdf 2.6mb]
    Information for employers on the requirements by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration for control of exposure to cadmium at the workplace.

  • What Physicians Need to Know about Occupational Cadmium Exposure [pdf 937k]
    Information for physicians about sources of exposure to cadmium and federal requirements for medical monitoring of workers exposed to cadmium.

  • Your Cadmium Exposure [pdf 869k]
    Gives information and advice to assist individuals in finding out how they may have been exposed to cadmium and how to protect themselves from further exposure.

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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Publications

  • NJ FACE Publications are distributed to employers, workers, and industry and labor organizations. They describe cases of fatal occupational injuries and provide recommendations for prevention.

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Surveillance Reports

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Newsletter Archives

  • The May 2006 issue of our newsletter [pdf 527k] is devoted to work-related asthma (WRA). Featured articles include an update on surveillance activities related to WRA, fatal WRA, myths about WRA, examples of case reports, and more. Resources available on the Internet and by mail including a list of industries and asthmagens associated with WRA are also included.

  • This issue of the "Update" [pdf 2.5m] features articles on fatal falls in New Jersey construction industry, the Surveillance Unit's response to the anthrax attack, tree trimming hazards, teenage fatalities at two pizza restaurants and the role of the clinician in preventing occupational injury and illness in New Jersey.

  • A special 28-page issue on lead [pdf 2.76m] features trends in New Jersey adult blood lead levels from 1986-2000, interviews with key experts, outcomes of interventions, a 3-page resources section, and more.

  • The February 2001 edition of the "Update" [pdf 562k] features articles on glutaraldehyde in New Jersey health care facilities, findings of a partnership studying silica exposure in New Jersey highway/road construction and repair workers, and intervention activities for lead abatement in non-residential buildings.

  • The December 1999 edition of our newsletter [pdf 594k] features articles on hazard surveillance initiatives related to methylene chloride, forklift fatalities, and cadmium surveillance. An update on the Department's Latex Allergy Task Force is also featured.

  • The December 1998 edition of the "Update" [pdf 423k] is devoted to silicosis. Featured articles include new directions in silicosis surveillance, the epidemiologic case definition, a special interview with Dr. Howard Kipen of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, New Jersey, examples of workplace interventions, and a listing of resources available on the Internet and by mail.

  • The January 1998 [pdf 862k] issue features four articles entitled as follows: Mercury Persists as a Public Health Hazard, Occupational Latex Asthma, Homicide in the Workplace, and Lead Hazards in Building Renovations, including statistics on occupational illnesses and injuries reported to the Department. Information on how to obtain publications on featured topics on the Internet and by mail is also provided.

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Bibliography of Surveillance-related Publications (1986 to present)

1986-1990  1991-1995  1996-2000  2001-2004  2005-2008  2009-2012  2013-Present


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