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This program is made possible by

the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness,

the NJ Department of Health,

Rutgers University

and the reviewers from both the public and private sectors who contributed to the development of this project.

Pandemic Influenza Awareness Program

Print Version - English

The print version of the modules is available in PDF format below. If you do not have Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe site for a free download.

Course instructions:

  1. Print out each module listed below OR read them on your computer.
  2. Create a folder called “Pan Flu Resources” to save important documents such as the Pandemic Flu Personal Emergency Plan. You can also write down website addresses on the inside cover of your folder.
  3. After finishing Module 6, print out and take the Final Quiz.
  4. Either you or your employer will check your answers against the answer key that is provided.  (Optional: Your graded Final Quiz is proof of course completion.)

Module 1: Pandemic Flu Basics [PDF 2.5mb]
This segment introduces you to pandemic flu. You will learn what makes a flu “pandemic” and how it may affect you and your community.

Module 2: Personal Planning [PDF 3.2mb]
By the time a pandemic has started, it is too late to prepare. This module provides steps you can take now that will help protect you, your loved ones and your neighbors.

Module 3: Risk Reduction [PDF 2mb]
Practice the techniques provided here to reduce your chances of becoming ill and spreading the flu to others.

Module 4: Impact on Health Care [PDF 2.3mb]
This section discusses how our health care system may be affected by a pandemic and the government’s role in reducing the impact. It also describes four critical aspects of caring for flu at home.

Module 5: Pandemic Flu and the Workplace [PDF 1.2mb]
Just as individuals and communities need to prepare for a flu pandemic, so do all public and private sector organizations. This module discusses how businesses can reduce the economic impact of a pandemic.

Module 6: Emotional Challenges of a Flu Pandemic [PDF 1.8mb]
A flu pandemic may cause unique emotional stress. This module describes normal emotional reactions and provides tips on how you can cope now and during a pandemic.   It also explains how to identify reliable sources of public health information.

Final Quiz [PDF 15k]

Final Quiz Answer Key [PDF 15k]

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