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Below are some commonly used contract documents as well as some links to contracting resources to assist you in preparing your DDD contract application.  If you are a DDD third party contract provider, please familiarize yourself with the two DHS Contract Manuals (Contract Reimbursement Manual and  Contract Policy & Information Manual) to ensure compliance with DHS contract policies and procedrues. 

Documents Required Annually

1.     Required Documents Checklist

2.     Standard Language Document
        a. Non State Agency 
           (used by Provider Agencies)
        b. State Agency 
           (used by State Agencies, i.e. state universities, counties, municipalities)

3.     Annex B (Budget Template)

4.     Business Associate Agreement (revised 2013)

5.     Source Disclosure Certification/(N.J.S.A. 52:34-13.2) 
        (formerly Ex Order 129)

6.     Standardized Board Resolution

7.     AA-302/Affirmative Action Employee Information Report

8.     Annual Report to the Secretary of State

9.     Notification of Licensed Public Accountant

10.   Equipment Inventory List

11.   Public Law 205, Chapter 51 (only applicable to For-Profit Organizations
a. Instructions
        b. Certification & Disclosure of Political Contributions Form
        c. Source Disclosure Form

12.   NJ Charitable Registration (only applicable to Charitable Organizations) 

13.   Agency Contact Form

14a. Cluster Designation Form
14b. DDD Cluster Policy

Additional Documents

15.   P1.10/Contract Modification
        a. P1.10 Policy      
        b. P1.10 Form

16.   ACH/Electronic Payment Authorization
        a. ACH Instructions      
        b. ACH Form

17.   W-9/Vendor Questionnaire

18.   Payment Voucher
        a. Instructions
        b. Payment Voucher Form (Word)
        c. Payment Voucher (Excel)

DHS Contracting Resources

DHS Office of Contract Policy & Management

DHS Contract Manuals

DHS Directory of Contracted Services

DHS Service Dictionary

Training on DHS Third Party Contracts 

Inquiries / Questions

Please direct any inquiries/questions regarding DDD contracts to:
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