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Past Governors

Governors of New Jersey 

I. Colonial Period
1665-1703 Proprietors; 1703-1776 Royal Government

Philip Carteret East New Jersey 1665-82
Edmund Andros East and West New Jersey 1674-81;
Edward Byllynge West New Jersey 1680-87
Robert Barclay East New Jersey 1682-90
Daniel Coxe West New Jersey 1687-92
Andrew Hamilton East and West New Jersey 1692-98, 1699-1703
Jeremiah Basse East and West New Jersey 1698-99
Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury New York and New Jersey 1703-8
John Lovelace New York and New Jersey 1708-9
Richard Ingoldesby New York and New Jersey 1709-10
Robert Hunter New York and New Jersey 1710-20
William Burnet New York and New Jersey 1720-28
John Montgomerie New York and New Jersey 1728-31
William Cosby New York and New Jersey 1732-36
Lewis Morris New Jersey 1738-46
Jonathan Belcher New Jersey 1747-57
Francis Bernard New Jersey 1758-60
Thomas Boone New Jersey 1760-61
Josiah Hardy New Jersey 1761-63
William Franklin New Jersey 1763-76

II. Governors Under Constitution 1776

William Livingston Patriot 1776-90
William Paterson Federalist 1790-93
Richard Howell Federalist 1793-1801
Joseph Bloomfield Jeffersonian-Republican 1801-2; 1803-12
Aaron Ogden Federalist 1812-13
William S. Pennington Jeffersonian-Republican 1813-15
Mahlon Dickerson Jeffersonian-Republican 1815-17
Isaac H. Williamson Jeffersonian-Republican 1817-29
Peter D. Vroom Democrat 1829-32; 1833-36
Samuel L. Southard Whig 1832-33
Elias P. Seeley Whig 1833
Philemon Dickerson Democrat 1836-37
William Pennington Whig 1837-43
Daniel Haines Democrat 1843-45; 1848-51

III. Governors Under Constitution of 1844

Charles C. Stratton Whig 1845-48
George F. Fort Democrat 1851-54
Rodman M. Price Democrat 1854-57
William A. Newell Republican 1857-60
Charles S. Olden Republican 1860-63
Joel Parker Democrat 1863-66; 1872-75
Marcus L. Ward Republican 1866-69
Theordore F. Randolph Democrat 1869-72
Joseph D. Bedle Democrat 1875-78
George B. McClellan Democrat 1878-81
George C. Ludlow Democrat 1881-84
Leon Abbett Democrat 1884-87; 1890-93
Robert S. Green Democrat 1887-90
George T. Werts Democrat 1893-96
John W. Griggs Republican 1896-98
Foster M. Vorhees Republican 1898-1902
Franklin Murphy Republican 1902-05
Edward C. Stokes Republican 1905-08
John Franklin Fort Republican 1908-11
Woodrow Wilson Democrat 1911-13
James F. Fielder Democrat 1913-17
Walter E. Edge Republican 1917-19; 1944-47
Edward I. Edwards Democrat 1920-23
George S. Silzer Democrat 1923-26
A. Harry Moore Democrat 1926-29; 1932-35; 1938-41
Morgan F. Larson Republican 1929-32
Harold Hoffman Republican 1935-38
Charles Edison Democrat 1941-44

IV. Governors Under Constitution of 1947

Alfred E. Driscoll Republican 1947-54
Robert B. Meyner Democrat 1954-62
Richard J. Hughes Democrat 1962-70
William T. Cahill Republican 1970-74
Brendan Byrne Democrat 1974-82
Thomas Kean Republican 1982-90
James Florio Democrat 1990-94
Christine Whitman Republican 1994-2001
Donald T. Di Francesco Republican 2001-02
James McGreevey Democrat 2002-04
Richard Codey Democrat 2004-06
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