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Circulars are submitted to all departments for the purpose of clarifying all new and updated policies. Below is a list from the most current 2016 circulars to those dating back to 1980.
"Employee Benefit" Reimbursement Rates 16-14-OMB
Capital Assets, Impairments, and Certification Requirements 16-13-OMB
Financial / Payroll Year-End Guidelines Fiscal Year 2016 16-12-OMB
Travel Regulations 16-11-OMB
State Vendor Set-Off for Collection of Employer's Debt to Unemployment Insurance Fund, Disability Fund, and/or Family Temporary Disability Account 16-10-OMB/DOL
State Vendor Set-Off for State Tax 16-09-OMB/TAX
Taxability of the Personal use of State Provided Vehicles and Driver Services 16-08-OMB
Group-Term Life Insurance In Excess Of $50,000 16-07-OMB
Standards For Printed Stationary, Use Of State Seal, Etc. 16-06-ADM
Procurements of Information Technology (IT) Hardware, Software, Subscription-Based Solutions and Related Services and Non-IT Equipment 16-05-OMB/DPP/OIT
Guidelines For Backup Withholding 16-04-OMB
Procurement of State Motor Vehicles


Delegated Purchasing Authority (DPA)


Circular Index By Year And Classification With Current Contact Information 16-01-OMB
Departmental Responsibility and Procedure for Loss to Real or Personal Property
or Other State Assets
Single Audit Policy for Recipients of Federal Grants, State Grants, and State Aid 15-08-OMB
Vision Care Reimbursment Program 15-07-OMB
Guidelines for Tracking Disaster/Emergency Expenses 15-06-OMB
Telephone Billing 15-05-OMB/OIT
Assignment and Use of State Owned Cellular Wireless Devices 15-04-OMB/OIT
Minimum Communications Wiring Requirements for State-Owned and State Leased
Employer's Share of FICA/Medicare Taxes Charged to Federal and Non-State Funded Programs - Calendar Year 2014 14-14-OMB
Enterprise Electronic Mail Retention And Disposition Framework 14-12-DORES/OIT
Regular and Supplemental Payroll Cut-Off Time 14-09-OMB
State Contract Manager 14-08-DPP
Professional Services: Review Control Monitoring and Extensions 14-07-DPP/OMB/OIT
State of New Jersey Purchasing Card Program 14-04-DPP
State of New Jersey Travel Card Program 14-03-DPP
Mandatory Direct Deposit and Online Access for NJ State Employees 13-19-OMB
Disposition of Excess & Surplus Computer Equipment 13-18-DPP
Purchases from Federal Supply Schedules or Schedules of Other Federal Procurement Programs 13-15-DPP
Statewide Non-Tax Debt Collection And Write-Off 13-11-OMB
Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of Special and Confidential Funds 13-09-OMB
Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of Petty Cash Funds 13-08-OMB
Rules and Regulations for State Using Agency Occupying State Leased or Owned Properties 13-02-DPMC
State Vehicular Assignment and Use Policy 12-11-ADM
Deposits by State Agencies 12-02-OMB
Payments to Vendors 11-23-OMB
Asset Inventory Requirements (Equipment-Tangible and Intangible) 11-19-OMB
Capital Assets 11-18-OMB
Requests for Waivers of Advertising 11-14-DPP
Procedures for the Acquisition of Furniture and Carpeting 11-13-DPMC
Entertainment, Meals, and Refreshments 11-09-OMB
Off-line Funds 10-19-OMB
Delegation of Authority -- Small Construction Projects 10-16-DPMC
Payroll Printed Message and Paycheck Distribution Policy 10-12-OMB/ADM
Banking Services 10-11-OMB
Microfilming of Public Records and Purchase of Micrographic Equipment 10-08-ST
State Vehicle Parking Violation Control Policy 10-07-ADM
Motor Fuel Credit Card Assignment and Use 10-06-ADM
New State Energy Tracking System and Policy for Payment of Energy Invoices 10-04-OES/OMB
Tuition Reimbursement and Training Costs 10-03-OMB
Automated Records Management/Storage Systems and Related Services 10-02-OMB
State Employee Work Location Code 09-14-CSC/PMC/OMB
Refund of Payroll Checks 09-12-OMB
Recovery of Unemployment Benefits from Back-Pay Awards 08-17-OMB
Disposal of Surplus State Real Property & Granting Easement/Licenses Across
State Lands
Excess/Surplus Property Procedures 08-03-DPP
Grant Agreements - Agency Contracts 07-05-OMB
Form 1099 Issuance 07-04-OMB
Payment of Lawsuit Awards and Settlements 06-10-OMB
Accounting for the Purchase of Goods or Services from State Colleges and Universities 05-14-OMB
Federal Funds 05-02-OMB
Delineation of Authority 04-15-OMB
Federal Treasury Offsets 04-12-OMB
Line of Credit Program 04-09-ADM
Managing Electronic Mail: Guidelines and Best Practices 03-10-ST
Annual Internal Control Reporting 03-08-OMB
Automated Clearinghouse (Ach) Payment Pre-Notification 02-11-OMB
EZ Pass Toll Accounts (Revised) 01-11-OMB
Non-Purchase Bureau Encumbrances and Expenditures 01-04-OMB
Automobile Mileage Reimbursement Rate 01-02-OMB
UETA Guidance 01-01-ST
Health Benefit and Dental Expense Programs 00-18-OMB
Commutation Mileage Payments Accounting and Taxability 99-08-OMB
Use of the State of New Jersey Payment Voucher by State Agencies 98-17-OMB
Transfer Guidelines 98-12-OMB
Building Condemnation and Demolition 97-10-GSA
Admin of Public Records of Privatized County & Local Func & Svcs 97-07-SCA
Administration of Public Records of Privatized Functions & Svcs 97-05-ST
Fed & Other Non-State Funding & Cent.Support Indirect & Adm Costs 96-16-OMB
Acquisitions of Real Property by State Agencies 95-22-GSA
Leasing Out of State Real Property 95-21-GSA
Effective Use of Photocopiers 95-15-GSA
Audits Of State Agencies 95-13-OMB
Internal Accounting Controls 95-11-OMB
Intra-governmental Payment Vouchers 95-08-OMB
Capital construction fees, contingencies and requisitioning procs. 94-34-GSA
State expenditure recoveries from Federal government 94-26-OMB
Dishonored Checks 94-23-OMB
Hold Checks 94-17-OMB
Reimbursement for Employee Benefits 94-09-OMB
Credits to Salary Accounts 94-06-OMB
Changes to OMB Circular Letters Due to Implementation of CFS 94-02-OMB
Debarments, Suspensions, and Disqualifications 93-13-GSA
Employee Membership in the State's Retirement System 91-29-OMB
Fiscal Note Procedures 91-13-OMB
Funds 101, 141, and 151 91-03-OMB
Steel Shelving Review & Procurement Procedures 90-10-GSA
Excise Tax on Gasoline and Diesel Fuel 88-23-OMB
Transfer of Real Property between State Agencies (PFM-07-88) 88-07-GSA

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