Executive Order (EO) 42 established the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and made provisions for the appointment of six Deputy Chief Technology Officers. Each Deputy CTO is charged with managing an Affinity Group and report into the CTO.

The remainder of OIT is organized into two branches - Administration, which is headed by the Chief of Staff (COS), focuses on the delivery of services such as budgeting, financial, HR and other routine functions; and Operations, which focuses on the delivery of technical utility services, such as network, WAN, storage and mainframe and client serfver processing environments.

Office of the CTO/COO - E. Steven Emanuel and Gloria J. Broeker, Executive IT Management

Working collaboratively with agency IT Directors, the Executive IT Management is implementing practices that stress the development of enterprise applications that will serve the needs of multiple agencies. In addition, under the leadership of the Management Team, OIT is working the agencies to consolidate services and simplify the State's technology infrastructure.

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Affinity Groups and Deputy CTOs

  • Administrative Services - Mary Lou Mycoff
  • Business and Community - David Hiznay
  • Health and Social Services
  • Public Safety - Kevin May

To manage the IT needs of the State's executive branch and in conformance with P.L. 2007, .C56, Affinity Groups were established to combine the efforts of several agencies. In doing so, the State is positioned to leverage IT purchasing power; maximize usage of existing resources and IT infrastructure through redeployment and consolidation; and place an emphasis on developing multiple-agency solutions and systems where appropriate rather than single-agency customized applications. Currently, there are four Affinity Groups:

Administrative Services - Mary Lou Mycoff
This Affinity Group supports administrative systems and applications used statewide; it combines the IT efforts of the Department of Treasury, Civil Service Commission, the Statehouse, Casino Control Commission and Department of State.

Business and Community - David Hiznay
By encompassing the IT needs of the Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Community Affairs, Department of Banking and Insurance, Commerce and the Office of Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Board of Public Utilities, this Affinity Group furthers the goals of economic growth throughout the State.

Health and Social Services
To address the delivery of social services that may at times interconnect the Health and Social Services Affinity Group was created to combine the IT needs the Department of Human Services, Department of Children and Families, Department of Health and Senior Services, and the Department of Education.

Public Safety - Kevin May
The Public Safety Affinity Group spans across Law & Public Safety, Motor Vehicle Commission, Office of Homeland Security, Department of Corrections, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, and the Parole Board. Here, a consistent approach to gathering, analyzing and monitoring data are fundamental to developing and implementing processes that ensure the safety of New Jersey's citizens, businesses, and visitors.

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