The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has stewardship over the core technology of New Jersey’s Executive Branch. Its mission is to ensure that New Jersey has the technological capability to deliver services efficiently and reliably to all citizens and businesses in the State.

New Jersey has had a central IT organization since 1984, when the Governor and Legislature created the Office of Telecommunication and Information Systems (OTIS). As demand for new and more varied types of technology grew, governors and legislators responded by creating the Office of Information Technology to help the State keep pace with rapid advancement.

Today, the OIT plays a role in the delivery and application of everything from data storage capability, mainframe computing, remote servers and land-line phones to wireless devices, geographic information systems, and Cloud-based applications.

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) appointed by the Governor leads this technologically diverse agency. The CIO is backed by a management team that includes a Chief Data Officer, a Project Management Director, and a Chief Operating Officer.

The Chief Operating Officer oversees five Affinity Groups, each led by a Deputy Chief Technology Officer. Each Affinity Group is responsible for overseeing specific needs of State government agencies. The Affinity Groups are Administrative Services, Business and Community, Public Safety, Health and Social Services, and Workforce Enhancement.

OIT collaborates closely with its client agencies through the Chief Information Officers Collaboration Council and the Project Managers Users Group. The goal is to provide ever-more efficient, reliable and innovative services to the citizens of the State.