Data Governance
These policies address the formal convergence of data quality, data management, business process management, and risk management around the handling of data in the State. They describe who can take what actions with what data, and when, under what circumstances, using what methods.


Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture policy and standards include the comprehensive business, information and service architecture for state information systems.




The New Jersey geospatial community standards and policies.


These policies and guidelines address the acquisition, use and management of the State's IT resources.




Information Security
Find the State Standards for IT products and understand the purchasing and exceptions process. Email address is


Project Management
Policies that focus on project management and how project information and status is gathered and maintained for portfolio reporting and analysis.




Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...find social media resources that can help your organization connect to colleagues and citizen-customers.


These are policies and procedures that address the management and use of the State's Telecommunications resources.




These guidelines and best practices can help web professionals to create an effective, accessible web environment.


The Office of Budget Management (OMB)
These circulars are submitted to all departments for the purpose of clarifying all new and updated policies. This list is from the most current circulars to those dating back to 1980.

A list of terms and their definitions used in Statewide Information Technology Policies.