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Regulations will be established in accordance with N.J.S.A. 5:12-69g.

Chapter 69E Gaming Equipment
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Subchapter 1. General Provisions
13:69E-1.1 Gaming chips (general rules)
13:69E-1.2 Receipt of gaming chips or plaques from manufacturer or distributor; inventory, security, storage and destruction of chips and plaques
13:69E-1.3 Value gaming chips
13:69E-1.4 Non-value gaming chips
13:69E-1.4A Tournament gaming chips
13:69E-1.5 Non-value chips; permitted uses; inventory and impressment
13:69E-1.6 Gaming plaques; issuance and use; denominations; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.6A Exchange and redemption of gaming chips, plaques and coupons
13:69E-1.7 Roulette wheel and table; physical characteristics; double zero roulette wheel used as a single roulette wheel
13:69E-1.8 Roulette balls
13:69E-1.9 Roulette; inspection procedures; security procedures
13:69E-1.10 Blackjack table, card reader device; physical characteristics; inspections
13:69E-1.10A Three-card poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.10B Spanish 21 table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.10C Blackjack switch table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.10D Switch Hands Blackjack table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.11 Craps and mini-craps tables; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.12 Baccarat and mini-baccarat tables; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13 Big Six Wheel and layout; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13A Sic bo table; sic bo shaker; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13B Pai gow poker table; pai gow poker shaker; physical characteristics; computerized random number generator
13:69E-1.13C Pai gow table; pai gow shaker; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13D Pokette table; pokette wheel; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13E Poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13F Double down stud table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13G Caribbean stud poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13H Let it ride poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13I Mini-dice table; mini-dice shaker; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13J Fast action hold'em table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13K Casino war table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13L Colorado hold'em poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13M Boston 5 stud poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13N Double cross poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13O Double attack blackjack table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13P Four-card poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13Q Texas hold'em bonus poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13R Flop poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13S Two-card joker poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13T Asia poker table, Asia poker shaker; physical characteristics; computerized random number generator
13:69E-1.13U Ultimate Texas hold'em table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13V Winner's pot poker table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.13W Supreme pai gow table; pai gow poker shaker; physical characteristics; computerized random number generator
13:69E-1.13X Mississippi stud; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.14 Red dog table; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.15 Dice; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.16 Dice; receipt; storage; inspections; and removal from use
13:69E-1.16A Manual and automated dice shakers; security procedures
13:69E-1.17 Cards; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.18 Cards; receipt, storage, inspections and removal from use
13:69E-1.18A Pre-shuffled and pre-inspected cards
13:69E-1.19 Dealing shoes; automated shuffling devices
13:69E-1.19A Pai gow tiles; physical characteristics
13:69E-1.19B Pai gow tiles; receipt; storage; inspections and removal from use
13:69E-1.20 Inspection and approval of gaming equipment and related devices and software
13:69E-1.21 Expiration of slot machine control program approvals and resubmission
13:69E-1.22 Possession of slot machines
13:69E-1.23 Intrastate and interstate transport of slot machines
13:69E-1.24 Electronic gaming device seals
13:69E-1.25 Residual value of a slot machine gaming voucher
13:69E-1.26 Slot machines and bill acceptors; identification; other devices
13:69E-1.27 Slot machine areas; density, arrangement and floor plans
13:69E-1.28 Testing of designated electronic gaming equipment
13:69E-1.28A Standards for the approval of a slot machine game
13:69E-1.28B Slot machine control programs and operating systems
13:69E-1.28C Standards for slot machine meters
13:69E-1.28D Standards for a persistent state system
13:69E-1.28E Standards for bonusing systems
13:69E-1.28F Multi-player system requirements and standards
13:69E-1.28G Standards for a random number generator (RNG)
13:69E-1.28H Requirements for alterable media
13:69E-1.28I External touch screen systems
13:69E-1.28J Touch screen monitors
13:69E-1.28K Technical standards for approving a gaming device cabinet
13:69E-1.28L Coin/token acceptors and hoppers
13:69E-1.28M Printers
13:69E-1.28N Bill acceptors and stackers
13:69E-1.28O Technical standards for kiosks
13:69E-1.28P Technical standards for electronic table games
13:69E-1.28Q Technical standards for electronic table games which utilize gaming vouchers
13:69E-1.28R Submission requirements
13:69E-1.28S New Jersey First submissions and approvals
13:69E-1.28T Software development requirements for electronic gaming equipment submitted to the Division for approval
13:69E-1.28U Technical standards for a kenos system
13:69E-1.28V Server supported system technical standards
13:69E-1.28W Tournament slot machine software
13:69E-1.28X Technical standards for automated shufflers
13:69E-1.29 and 1.30 (RESERVED)
13:69E-1.31 Records and reports for customers complaints
13:69E-1.32 (RESERVED)
13:69E-1.32A Technical standards for count room equipment
13:69E-1.33 Issuance and use of slot tokens for gaming and simulcast wagering; prize tokens, slot token and prize token specifications; promotional non-gaming tokens
13:69E-1.34 Wagering at slot machines; use of slot tokens, prize token, gaming vouchers, and coupons
13:69E-1.35 Redemption of slot tokens and prize tokens from non-patrons; duty of patrons to surrender slot tokens and prize tokens upon demand
13:69E-1.36 Slot tokens and prize tokens; receipt, inventory, security, storage and destruction
13:69E-1.37 (RESERVED)
13:69E-1.37A Standards for electronic account based wagering system
13:69E-1.38 (RESERVED)
13:69E-1.39 Progressive gaming device standards
13:69E-1.39A Mandatory progressive parameters and meters
13:69E-1.39B Linked progressive gaming device standards

Wide area progressive standards for linked progressive gaming devices used in more than one casino facility

13:69E-1.39D Payout odds; vigorish
13:69E-1.40 Technical standards for gaming voucher systems and promotional coupons



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