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Major Karl Kleeberg - Section Commander

The Administration Section operates as the support function of the Division, providing services such as: effecting and implementing policy and procedure; acquisition, maintenance and replacement of transportation and facilities; accountability, coordination and distribution of fixed assets; the procurement of all commodities required to operate the Division; and the formulation of the annual budget.

The Administration Section offers services through the following Bureaus: (select Bureau for more info)

Fleet Management Office

Responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, repair, outfitting, and overall management of the State Police fleet. The entire fleet is maintained at nine garage facilities.

Annually, the State Police fleet will travel approximately 44 million miles, 13,000 regular inspections will be performed, and 5000 emergency repairs will be addressed. Vehicles in the fleet include marked, investigative, maintenance and utility.

The technical staff of the unit continually researches the updating of vehicles and equipment specifications, reviews operational procedures and practices, and tests and evaluates assorted vehicle components and equipment.

The unit assists other municipalities and police departments with their fleet management needs by fulfilling their requests for advice and recommendations.

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Budget Operations Bureau

The Budget Operations Bureau coordinates the efforts of the Budget Development Unit and the Budget Liaison Unit to formulate the annual budget requirements for the Division of State Police and to act as liaison with the Office of the Attorney General, other agencies within the Department of Law & Public Safety, and the Office of Legislative Services.

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Budget Development Unit

Ensures the budget is in compliance with the Division's short and long range plans. Coordinates all budget related documents emanating from the Division. Monitors and reviews all budget related expenditures and the Division's disbursement plan.

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Budget Liaison Unit

Provides budget coordination and liaison with the Office of the Attorney General, other agencies within the Department of Law and Public Safety, and the Office of Legislative Services. Prepares cost analysis for proposed expansion and new initiatives developed for the Division by the Superintendent. Reviews fiscal cost analysis for proposed legislative initiative prepared by other Division entities. Drafts correspondence and responds to administrative inquiries.

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Fiscal Control Bureau

The Fiscal Control Bureau oversees the expenditure of funds. During the continuing years of budgetary reductions and dwindling resources, the Bureau implemented innovative adjustments to maximize thrift. These adjustments necessitated an exact monitoring of all Division programs to ensure all expenditures were absolutely necessary and in conformance with the Division spending plan.

The Bureau consists of five units.

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Accounting Unit

The Accounting Unit prepares, processes, records and files various type of fiscal documents, including revenue receipts and bank deposits, inputing these documents to the state's automated financial system. They also bill other state agencies for goods and services provided by the State Police.

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Budget and Allocation Unit

Responsible for evaluating the fiscal policy compliance of the various Sections of the Division. The unit inputs data to the analytical unit, which is critical to the completion of accurate and reliable Division spending plan.

Prepares the quarterly and annual spending plans. These reports are the essence of the "state of the budget" and are used to analyze the fiscal requirements and the availability of funds to meet them. These reports help management effectively utilize the annual appropriated dollars.

The unit also utilizes the Treasury FOCUS System to access fiscal information regarding the salaries and compensation of its employees. The unit prepares detailed cost estimates for billings and management of the State Police budget.

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Central Purchasing Unit

Oversees the centralized procurement process of all commodities required by the State Police to complete its mission.

The unit is directly responsible for the handling and processing of public utilities, office furniture, police equipment and supplies, photocopiers, office, medical and janitorial supplies.

The unit maintains the files of state contract awards, verifies and approves all methods of procurement. They process and audit Division invoices and obligations for payment and constantly monitor account balances to identify shortages and surpluses of funds.

Additionally, they record and process all Division bid proposals forwarded to prospective bidders. The unit processes the Waiver of Advertising packages that are submitted to the Office of the Attorney General for approval.

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Payroll Unit

Responsible for preparing supplemental payrolls for all enlisted and civilian employees, as well as ensuring the proper distribution of their checks. This unit also processes all overtime payments and is responsible for maintaining the timekeeping records of civilian employees. This unit annually cooridinates and processes shift differential payments for troopers and noncommissioned officers.

This unit is also responsible for processing employment verifications; processing pension enrollments, transfers and buy back forms; preparing payroll certifications for retirees; processing pension loan deductions forms, placing employees on leaves of absences; and coordinating all back pay awards. Oversees vision care program and processes all claims for contractual reimbursement.

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Revenue Unit

Info coming soon...

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Planning & Logistical Support Bureau

The Planning & Logistical Support Bureau coordinates the efforts of the Policy and Procedures Unit, Research and Development Unit, and Legislation Coordination Unit to analyze and evaluate information and assist other entities of the Division in developing directives, operational plans, new techniques, and ideas for improving the Division's operations.

The Bureau is responsible for providing management of the logistical support as required by the Division of State Police in everyday operations and during civil disturbances and emergencies. This responsibility encompasses maintenance of facilities and equipment, preparation of the capital budget, space planning, fleet management, purchasing of supplies and equipment, property control, warehousing and printing for the Division.

The Planning & Logistical Support Bureau Chief is designated as the Division's Legislative Liaison to the Office of the Attorney General on legislative matters.

The Bureau consists of seven units.

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Research and Development Unit

The unit assists other Division entities and law enforcement agencies in conducting research of law enforcement related issues and develops implementation strategies for various initiatives, i.e. patrol scheduling, patrol procedures, resource allocation.

The unit conducts surveys and garners data concerning law enforcement trends affecting the Division and its memebers.

In addition, the unit responds to inquiries and questionnaires from various law enforcement agencies.

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Legislation Coordination Unit

The unit reviews all legislative bills and court decisions which pertain to the Division; solicits comments from all effected Division entities concerning legislative bills; and coordinates the comments, analysis and testimony of Division members in response to proposed legislation.

The unit serves as coordinator between the Division and the Office of Administrative Law in the promulgation of rules and regulations which effect the Division and the general public.

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Policy and Procedures Unit

The unit is responsible for servicing, coordinating, controlling, and archiving the Division's Standing Operating Procedures, Operations Instructions, and Operation Orders. Unit members assist all Division entities with the development and codificatino of internal policies.

The unit produces and updates the Division's Table of Organization and administers the assignment and distribution of unit code identification numbers.

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Facility and Building Maintenance Unit

Responsible for the management of 110 state-owned or leased facilities, utilized by the Division statewide.

The primary mission is to provide facilities for Division operations that meet today's rigid standards for safe, functional, economical, and comfortable workplace environments.

The unit strives to meet the changing needs of the Division by constructing or leasing new facilities, maintaining and renovating existing facilities, and ensuring that all facilities are in compliance with regulatory and American with Disabilities Act standards. This unit also is in compliance with gender equality standards set by the OAG.

Assesses the Division's future capital needs and prepares the annual capital budget request which is submitted to the Attorney General's Office. The unit serves as the Division's liaison during the presentation of the Department's capital budget request to the Capital Commission. The overall management of capital appropriations, capital construction projects, and planned renovation projects for the Division of State Police are coordinated through this unit.

The unit evaluates all space needs throughout the Division of State Police. Work space is then allocated and work areas designed with the goal of creating more efficient and productive office environments. This is accomplished by locating new space within the state or re-evaluating existing work areas and then assisting in the development of new construction projects to retrofit that space.

Additionally, the unit works closely with the Attorney General's Office and the Treasury Department's Bureau of Property Management to coordinate lease renewals.

Responsible for the repairs, renovations and overall maintenance, both preventative and emergency, for all facilities owned by the Division of State Police.

Additionally, the unit is responsible for coordinating repairs at leased facilities that are approved by the Treasury Department.

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Printing & Graphic Arts Unit

Responsible for all high speed copying and offset printing, as well as designing graphic materials for reproduction for the Division of State Police and other divisions within the Department of Law and Public Safety.

Annually, the unit receives approximately 2200 requests for printing and graphic materials and produces approximately 17 million forms, brochures, manuals, and reports.

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Warehouse & Asset Control Unit

Responsible for the receiving, warehousing, issuance and inventory of civilian and police uniforms, weapons and police equipment, ammunition, targets and stanchions, radio electronic maintenance equipment, vehicle engines and tires, boat engines and oil, Printing Unit paper supply and pre-printed State Police forms, summonses and warnings, road flares, lab supplies, computers and related equipment, janitorial and office supplies, video tapes and related audio/visual equipment, medical supplies, office machines and miscellaneous supplies from various bureaus and units.

The unit is responsible for keeping abreast of technological advancements involving police uniforms and equipment, outfitting State Police classes, the repair of certain equipment, debit/credit reports concerning uniforms and equipment, complaints against vendors, and coordinating inmate labor details for the Division.

Resignations, dismissals and retirements are processed concerning the surrendering of uniforms, equipment, weapon, identifications and badges. Responsible for the ordering and issuance of retirement identifications, badges and wallets.

Responsible for the issuance of surplus police equipment to other state, county and municipal agencies. Ensure proper levels of police equipment at each Troop Headquarters in case of an emergency or civil disorder. The engraving of uniform name tags (A & B) and State Governmental Security Bureau name tags.

The unit maintains a computerized inventory on uniforms, police equipment, radio electronic maintenance equipment, lab supplies, Printing Unit paper and forms, and weapons, handcuffs, and body armor by serial number.

Responsible for ensuring the Division's compliance with state statutes and Department directives which promulgate accountability and reporting requirements for all fixed assets. The unit fulfills the requirements by annually updating the Division's fixed asset system by maintaining proper records and data entry of all receiving, transfer and disposal reports submitted by each unit. Collects surplus property and makes it available for distribution, transfer or sale and collecting and selling salvage/scrap property.

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Mail Distribution Office

Collect, distribute, and move all types of mail throughout the Division and the U.S. Postal Service.

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Grants Administration Bureau

The Grants Administration Bureau is the advisor to the Commanding Officer and the Branch Commander of the Administration Branch on all grant matters for the Division and serves as the point of contact for all grants and outside funding sources to the Attorney Generalís office on behalf of the Superintendent. The Bureau is comprised of the following units:

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Grants Program Management Unit

The Grants Program Management Unit reviews and processes all grants, agreements, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), or any lawfully binding contract that requires the Division of State Police to provide services and/or receive goods and services from an outside entity. The unit provides direct technical assistance to section, bureau and unit personnel to facilitate the development of grant applications, purchases, financial reporting and closeouts while promoting responsible organizational governance.

The unit is a central repository for all records and data on all outside source funding opportunities and the primary point of contact for all grants, agreements, MOUs, et al. to the Office of the Attorney General.

The Program Managers research and identify outside funding sources and develop applications or proposals that are Division priorities when a specific office of primary interest is not identifiable.

The program managers act as liaisons with the Attorney General and Division to ensure compliance of programmatic reporting and stated goals and objectives from the outside funding source and interact with non-profit agencies, federal, state, regional and local government officials and agencies, and community leaders.

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Grants Accounting Unit

The Grants Accounting Unit provides direct oversight on all funding appropriations to ensure purchases are conducted within accepted accounting principles, Treasury regulations and circulars, and grant guidelines. They ensure expenditures are eligible based upon grant agreements and budgetary constraints and coordinate the disbursement of funds and preparation of the related fiscal reports. They review and approve authorized grant expenditures and monitor outside source appropriations to ensure that funds are adequately expended and accurately recorded within the grant period.

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Grants Development and Compliance Unit

The Grants Development and Compliance Unit provides review of federal websites to identify potential funding sources for DSP initiatives and assists bureaus and units with grant applications and submission processes. They develop and conduct grant training programs for division personnel assigned as project directors, participants and other representatives of bureaus and units. The Unit will develop standard programmatic and fiscal compliance procedures for all grants based upon the conditions of the grantor agencies for use by all program managers with their respective grant programs. They will ensure that grant recipient units and programs are efficiently and effectively implemented in accordance with current law and Division policy.

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