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The New Jersey Army National Guard offers career opportunities to advance the careers of persons of all ages and in multiple specialties.

Aviation - You can be trained to be a helicopter or airplane pilot. You can be trained to be a helicopter mechanic or you can become an Aviation Operations Specialist (93P). You will process flight clearances and check the accuracy of flight plans. You will learn the terminology used in air navigation and will be made aware of air traffic control advisory radio procedures. Encodes, decodes and posts notices to airmen. Interprets and posts teletype weather reports.

Law Enforcement - We have a Military Police (95B) detachment. As an MP you will perform as a team member in support of homeland security operations, installation law and order operations and security of state and federal resources and installations.

Accounting - As an Accounting Specialist (73D) you will be trained as a specialist who performs accounting, accounts payable, disbursing, and budget duties.

Public Affairs - As a Journalist (46Q) Your job will be to research, prepare and disseminate news releases on New Jersey National Guard personnel and activities.

Administration - You can be trained as one of our many unit's Administrative Specialist (71L). Your job will be to type correspondence in draft and final copy. You will learn to use computer word processing programs. You will also receive publications, establish and maintain a publication's library and records.

Mechanics - As Heavy-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic (63S) you will get hands-on training maintaining compression ignition engines and generators along with the many sophisticated systems associated with them. You will also learn how to maintain wheel vehicle systems to include cooling, starting, charging, chassis, and electrical systems. You will get practical experience working on various types of transmission associated with wheeled vehicles.

Medical - You might already be an EMT looking for certification, or a medical student who wants some on-the-job training. Our medical specialties range from trauma, to primary-care medicine.

To learn more about how how you can get started on your future career click here.

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