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We are New Jersey's Homeland Security Team
When natural or man made events put the lives and freedom of the citizenry of New Jersey in danger, it is the National Guard that answers the call to duty. We protect New Jersey when events such as floods, hurricanes, blizzards, riots, or explosions occur. We are the line of defense that protects the citizenry of New Jersey and America during times of domestic crisis.

Also part of our mission is assisting in protecting the citizenry from more routine domestic threats. Be it the war against terrorism or the war on drugs, the National Guard has a presence in trying to eliminate these threats. We bring resources in the form of personnel and equipment to any battle that the United States is fighting.

Although our primary mission focuses on domestic concerns, we also serve as part of the force that carries out federal missions. From medical assistance to the people of Nicaragua, to building schools in Panama and conducting peace keeping missions in Europe, the New Jersey Army National Guard is making the world a better and safer place.

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