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Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery

Burial Arrangements
Burial Arrangements

Veteran VA Eligibility requirements cannot be waived. A waiver request for New Jersey residency should be mailed to:

Director, Division of Veterans Services
BG William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery
14 Chesterfield Arneytown RD
Wrightstown, NJ 08562

Arranging In-Ground Burials
Grave sites at Doyle Cemetery cannot be reserved in advance. At the time of need, the next of kin should obtain services from a local funeral home. To request burial, the funeral director should call the Cemetery's Interment Office at 609-758-7250 while the next of kin is present.

Before scheduling the burial, the cemetery staff must determine eligibility. Fax any documents requested by the cemetery staff to 609-758-0169. The burial will be scheduled after eligibility is established. The same procedure is followed if an eligible dependent predeceases the qualifying veteran.

Burial services are scheduled on business days only, excluding State Holidays, between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Please arrive at the cemetery approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. If attending services, please proceed directly to the appropriate cortege lane at the Public Information Center, the Honor Guard Escort will be there to assist you.

Family members and friends must provide for their own transportation when attending burial services at Doyle Cemetery.

Interment Costs
There is no cost for burial at Doyle Cemetery unless the next of kin elects not to use a state provided grave liner. The next of kin may choose to purchase a vault in place of the state provided grave liner that is placed inside the grave site.

The next of kin is responsible for all costs associated with preparation and transportation of the casketed or cremated remains to Doyle Cemetery except in cases when the death occurred while on active duty in the Armed Forces. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the Social Security Administration may also provide some monetary assistance. Please contact these agencies for additional information.

Assignment of Grave sites
Grave sites are assigned on the afternoon of the business day prior to the scheduled interment. The next available in-ground grave site is assigned without regard to rank, color, creed, or gender of the eligible service member. When requested, a grave as close as possible to an interred relative or personal friend of the deceased may be assigned, but please note that some sections of the cemetery no longer have grave space available.

Pre-registration for interment at Doyle Cemetery is encouraged. While it does not guarantee a grave site, it can help avoid confusion and possible delays at the time of need. Pre-registration may be accomplished in person either at the cemetery or at any Veterans Service Office. The application may also be submitted through U.S. Mail.

Pre-registration Form (102KB PDF)


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