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(MGIB-SR Chapter 1606)

    This Federally funded program provides eligible Reserve Component servicemembers with monthly entitlements for the pursuit of education programs approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The specific guidelines pertaining to the administration of this program are as follows:

Qualifying Criteria
  • Be a secondary school graduate or equivalent.
  • Have completed IADT or equivalent.
  • Be a satisfactory participant in the New Jersey Army National Guard (NJARNG).
  • Not be receiving a ROTC Scholarship (10 USC 2107).
  • If an officer, agree to serve in the Selected Reserve for 6 years in addition to any other Selected Reserve obligation. (DA Form 5435-R)
  • Enlist, reenlist, or extend an enlistment in the Selected Reserve for a period of not less than 6 years after 1 July 1985.  Prior service, in-service members, and officers must meet all above qualifying criteria before taking this action.  Non-prior Service members may enlist for 6 years and then meet the above qualifying criteria.
  • Soldiers enrolling in vocational or remedial courses must incur their six year obligation after 1 October 1990.
  • The date of entitlement will be established the date that you meet all the above criteria.  You will be eligible to utilize these entitlements only when your date of entitlement has been established.  Non- Prior Service members may commit the six years from the date of the enlistment, and then meet the remaining criteria and become eligible for entitlements.  Current members must meet criteria before committing for six years.

  • When entitlement is established, you will be required to sign a Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) DD 2384-1, which will fully explain satisfactory participation, non-participation, expiration period, other entitlements, and prohibited duplication of benefits.

Benefits Termination

The maximum time to draw unused benefits is ten years from the date of basic eligibility.  Benefits terminate when you have received benefits for a total of 36 full-time months, become an unsatisfactory participant, separate from the Selected Reserve, or acceptance of an ROTC scholarship.


Recoupment will occur if the guard member becomes an unsatisfactory participant in the NJARNG.  Recoupment is also authorized for unsatisfactory grades.

Inactive National Guard / Individual Ready Reserve
  • Personnel may suspend their Chapter 1606 benefits under certain conditions.  These include:

    • Periods of missionary service--up to 3 years

    • Transfers to the ING/IRR for other reasons--up to 1 year

    • Note: You are only authorized one release for your entire military career. Also, time missed must be added to your enlistment contract upon return.

  • Upon return to an active status, personnel must extend their enlistment for the amount of time that they were in the ING/IRR.
Interstate / Interservice Transfers

Personnel that transfer to or from the NJNG to another Reserve Component or another state or territory must take certain steps to ensure that their benefits are continued.  When an individual transfers, they are separated from the original service.  This separation is automatically reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This may result in a termination or delay in receiving benefits.  In order to reduce this problem, personnel must provide their gaining Education Center with a copy of their original Notice of Basic Eligibility.  Failure to provide the original document may result in a delay in benefits.

NJARNG Procedures
  • All soldiers sign the Statement of Understanding (DA Form 5435-R).  Unit administrative personnel will coordinate this action and put a copy of the statement into the individual's file, MPRJ, and provide a copy to the soldier.

  • Unit administrative personnel will fax, or mail, NJDMAVA Form 603 to the Education Center to request a Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD Form 23842).

  • Upon receipt, the Montgomery G.I. Bill (MGIB) Manager will ensure eligibility, sign the DD Form 23842 and then mail the DD Form 23842 to the soldier for signature.  (NOTE: Only the State Education Services Officer or MGIB Manager is authorized to sign the DD Form 23842.)

  • One copy of the completed DD Form 23842 will be placed in the soldiers MPRJ and another will be maintained by the Education Center (NJARNG or State.)

Steps Eligible Soldiers Must Take to Use Their Montogomery GI Bill
  • Contact the institution, the VA, State Approving Agency, or the Education Center to ensure that his or her specific program of education is approved for the Montgomery Gl Bill.

  • Soldier contacts the institution's Veterans Affairs Office and:

    Provides a copy of his or her Notice of Basic of Eligibility (DD Form 23842)
    • Completes VA Form 222990 (Application for VA Education Benefits)
    • The college, or school forwards the above documents to the appropriate Veterans Administration Regional Office responsible for processing entitlement award checks.
  • Additional information about the Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 1606 is available at the VA web site:
Multiple VA Entitlement

Under Veterans Administration regulations an individual may become eligible for more than one education benefit. In many instances a soldier can become eligible for both Chapter 30 and Chapter 1606 of the Montgomery G.I. Bill.  Regulations limit the number of months that an individual can receive benefits. Normal entitlement is 36 full-time months for each program. If a soldier qualifies for both programs, the maximum entitlement that can ever be received is a total of 48 full-time months or equivalent.

Department of Veterans Affairs

To inquire concerning the status of your education claim or to ask any general education benefit question, you may contact the VA at their Education Inquiry page or call their toll-free number: 1-888-GI BILL2 (1-888-442-4551).

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