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NJ National Guard Tuition Program

(Up to 15 Free Credits Per Semester Program)

See a list of Eligible State Schools

  • State Law provides tuition free enrollment in public institutions of higher education for certain members of the New Jersey National Guard and certain surviving spouses and children of New Jersey National Guard members. The tuition program provides soldiers and airmen the opportunity for professional development by defraying a major portion of tuition costs while serving in the New Jersey National Guard.
  • The New Jersey National Guard Tuition Program (NJNGTP) Statement of Understanding (NJDMAVA Form 6212-R) explains the program and ensures that your knowledge of these conditions is a matter of record.  This form is to be completed only once as the soldier begins the program.
  • The NJNGTP Commander's Certificate of Eligibility (NJDMAVA Form 621-2-R) certifies your compliance with this program, is obtained from your unit's authorized representative, and is to be given to the Veterans Representative or the Financial Aid Office at your school, whichever applies.
  • The NJDMAVA Form 621-2-R must be submitted each semester in which the service member requests enrollment in the NJNGTP.  This form expires 60 days from the date of signature.
  • Under this program the service member is required to file a Federal Financial Aid form annually.  Failure to do so will result in ineligibility.
  • It is recommended that you maintain a personal education file and retain copies of these forms in it.
  • Any member of the New Jersey National Guard shall be permitted to attend regularly scheduled courses at any one of thirty one public institutions of higher education in this state and receive up to 15 credits per semester tuition free provided:
    1. The member has completed Initial Active Duty Training (IADT).
    2. The member is in good standing as an active drilling member of the New Jersey National Guard.
    3. The member has been accepted to pursue a course of undergraduate study and is enrolled as an undergraduate student in good standing at that institution or a course of graduate study and is enrolled as a graduate student in good standing at that institution.
    4. Each year the member must apply, through the Financial Aid Office at the institution, for all available state and federal student grants and scholarships for which the member may be eligible to receive. [This may be accomplished by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).]
  • Any child or surviving spouse of a deceased member of the NJ National Guard who completed Initial Active Duty Training and was killed in the performance of his or her duties while a member of the New Jersey National Guard, shall be permitted to attend regularly scheduled courses when 1-4 above apply; and:
    1. The school has classroom space available.
    2. Tuition paying students constitute the minimum number required for the course.

When qualifying criteria is met, the service member, or eligible child or surviving spouse, will be permitted to attend regularly scheduled courses at any New Jersey public institution of higher education and receive up to 15 credits per semester, tuition free.

  • Should you be accepted into a course, or courses, your tuition will be waived; however, you will be required to pay for all other expenses, including lab fees and books.
  • You must contact the Veterans Administration Representative or Financial Aid Office prior to registration. Each college has their own policies and procedures for administering the NJNGTP, specifically registration.  It is important that you know your school's policy.
  • If the service member stops drilling, the commander is to contact the NJARNG Education Center in writing and the service member will be dropped from the program.  The service member then becomes responsible for any tuition costs that were waived for the current semester.
Other Consideration
  • College Reimbursement.  Colleges do not receive reimbursement from the State or the National Guard for this program.  The NJNGTP is a state law and therefore the colleges are required to waive tuition costs.
  • Financial Aid.  If financial aid is received (i.e. in the form of a TAG or Pell Grant), the service member pays for the tuition costs with these funds. Any remaining tuition costs will be covered by the NJNGTP.
  • Academic Standards.  Satisfactory academic progress must be maintained.  These guidelines are published in the Undergraduate Catalog of your educational institution.
  • Out of County or Out of State Tuition.  If eligible for the program all tuition is waived regardless of residency.
  • Additional Degrees. Subsequent undergraduate degrees are authorized if the student meets eligibility criteria.
  • Concurrent Use.  You can use this program with the Montgomery G.I. Bill.
Administrative Procedures
  • Students using the NJNGTP should file for federal and state financial aid as soon as possible after January 1st.  If you do not apply for financial aid, you are not authorized to use the program.  Apply for financial aid with the Financial Aid Office at your institution, or online at the following address:
  • Financial aid must be applied for annually.
  • Read, understand and complete a NJDMAVA 6212-R, NJARNG Statement of Understanding.  This form is completed once during the service member's career unless there is a break in service at which time a new form will be completed upon enlistment.  This document is to be posted in the soldier's 201 File or airmen's State Master Personnel File.
  • Each semester obtain a NJDMAVA 621-2-R, NJARNG Commander's Certificate of Eligibility, from your unit, and submit to your college.  The point of contact at your college is usually the VA Representative or the Financial Aid Office.  Meet with this school official prior to registration.

REFERENCES: NJ Statutes Annotated: 18A:71-96, 18A:71-97 and 18A:71-98.

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