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Prospective Team Members


The Honor Guard offers three courses that train team members on the various aspects of Military Funeral Honors.

Eight-Hour Course: This one day course instructs team members how to conduct basic two and three Soldier funeral missions. Topics covered include uniform wear, Honor Guard drill and ceremonies, flag folding and ceremonial bugle use. Upon completion of this course, team members should be able to participate successfully in a two or three Soldier detail.

Forty-Hour Course: This course usually takes place over one week, depending on mission requirements. The team member will be instructed on full honors funerals and nine Soldier details. Topics include advanced uniform preparation, six Soldier flag fold, and firing party. Soldiers must complete a practical examination at the end of the course, and complete an online class to be considered trained to standard. After completion of this course, team members should be able to participate successfully in a full honors funeral.

Eighty-Hour Course: The eighty-course is the culmination of Honor Guard training. This course takes place at the National Guard Professional Education Center (PEC), Camp Robinson, Arkansas over two weeks. During the two weeks of training, team members will be instructed by Old Guard Certified trainers. This training will hone the skills taught in the forty hour course, and teach advanced techniques to help team members accomplish the mission under various circumstances. The student is evaluated on his or her uniform, knowledge, and proficiency in all aspects of Military Funeral Honors.



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