The New Jersey National Guard Resilience Initiative

The Resilience Initiative is a program developed for the New Jersey National Guard to maintain the emotional and mental health of each Service member and their Family. Crisis can be common in life, and especially common for Soldiers. The Resilience Initiative has been developed to give Soldiers a resilient tool set to combat personal crisis. This includes using resilience or mental toughness to make the right choices when having suicidal thoughts or dealing with substance abuse. It also includes information on various military services and resources ranging from transitioning from deployment to responding to a sexual assault.

The Implementation of the New Jersey National Guard Resilience Initiative is based on the Master Resilience Trainer (MRT) Program developed by the University of Pennsylvania. MRTs within the New Jersey National Guard are now offering training to designate soldiers as Resilience Trainer Assistants. These RTAs will in turn become the main factor in supporting unit Resilience on the individual Soldier level, and assuring proficient resilience with in the New Jersey National Guard.

To schedule soldiers for RTA or ASIST training please visit our Contacts page.