Ssgt Barbara Harbison
(3 July 2003)

106 Morris County Residents to Receive State Vietnam Service Medal July 15

A special award ceremony will be held on July 15, at 11 a.m., at the National Guard Armory, 430 Jockey Hollow Road, Morristown, N.J. Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Sullivan, Assistant Adjutant General-Army, New Jersey Army National Guard, will present the New Jersey Vietnam Service Medal to 106 Morris County residents who are veterans of the Vietnam Conflict.

Approved by the New Jersey Legislature on Nov. 13, 2000, the medal commemorates the 25th anniversary of the ending of the Vietnam Conflict in January 1973.

To be eligible for the Vietnam Service Medal, veterans must meet the following criteria:
• be a current resident of New Jersey
• served in any branch of the armed forces of the United States in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or the contiguous waters or airspace thereof on or after Dec. 31, 1960 and on or before May 7, 1975.
• Have an honorable discharge or be currently serving in the military
Posthumous awards can be awarded; application must be made by the surviving spouse or immediate family member.
Anyone interested in applying for the New Jersey Vietnam Service Medal should send a written request, e-mail or telephone call, requesting an application form to the following -

ATTN: Distinguished Service Medal
P.O. Box 340
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0340

Be sure to include full name, home address and a daytime phone number
Phone: 1-800-624-0508, Press 7.


National Guard Armory, Morristown, N.J.

July 15, 2003

Rank First Name MI Last Name Posthumous Branch City
Specialist Five Charles W. Alleger Army Washington
Specialist Five William J. Allen Army Florham Park
Corporal Robert M. Aughey Marine Corps Mount Arlington
Specialist Five Ronald C. Aulisio Army Cedar Knolls
Specialist Five James G. Baccaro Army Flanders
Lieutenant Colonel Matthew A. Boonstra Posthumous Air Force Totowa
Specialist Four John B. Brandecker Army Clifton
Staff Sergeant Donald L. Brown Army Lake Hopatcong
Corporal Eugene H. Brown Marine Corps Budd Lake
Corporal Henry John   Broxmeier Marine Corps Morris Plains
Sergeant Ronald F. Burnett Army Moonachie
Captain Edward C. Burns Army Morristown
Specialist Four Michael C. Carbone Army Pompton Plains
Petty Officer 3rd Class Theodore D. Carman Navy Randolph
Specialist Four Bruce D. Cirelli Army Randolph
Store Keeper 3rd Class Alfred A. Cirinelli Navy Rockaway
Petty Officer 2nd Class Richard G. Coad Navy Wharton
Specialist Four Lloyd W. Cook Army Rockaway
Specialist Four George E. Dabinett Army Morris Plains
Sergeant Daniel J. Daly Marine Corps Denville
Specialist Four Calogero   DeBacco Army Pine Brook
Staff Sergeant Thomas P. DeGroot Army Morristown
Private 1st Class Peter R. Delpome Army Randolph
1st Lieutenant Richard T. Dickinson Army Morristown
Sergeant Richard T. Dion Army Lincoln Park
Master Sergeant Arnold W. Dunham Army Kinnelon
Sergeant William A. Dyer Army Dover
Specialist Four David C. Emery Army Florham Park
Sergeant James P. Esposito Army Ledgewood
Staff Sergeant Preston B. Fairlamb Army Butler
Sergeant Paul E. Fournier Army Wharton
Sergeant James J. Gervasio Marine Corps Morristown
Lance Corporal Carl F. Gladish Marine Corps Succasunna
1st Sergeant Thomas W. Goralewicz Army Parsippany
Staff Sergeant Michael   Gubner Marine Corps Vernon
Machinist Mate 3rd Class Robert W. Hartman Navy Rockaway
1st Lieutenant George E. Hlavin Army Florham Park
Specialist Four Thomas J. Holden Army Long Valley
Sergeant Kenneth P. Holster Army Butler
Specialist Five James L. Hughes Army Lincoln Park
Sergeant Stephen L. Ike Army Budd Lake
Sergeant Alexander A. Jaworski Army Landing
Private James R. Jensen Army Boonton
Sergeant Allyn H. Jones Army Mine Hill
Sergeant Kevin J. Kelly Army Mt. Arlington
Specialist Four Karl R. Klinger Army Denville
Specialist Four John A. Kobilarcik Army Boonton
Specialist Four John A. Kobilarcik Army Boonton
Sergeant Steven A. Kovacs Marine Corps Denville
Petty Officer 2nd Class William E. Kula Navy Flanders
Captain James   Laughlin Army Long Valley
Sergeant John M. Lehnert Air Force Succasunna
Staff Sergeant William E. List Air Force Wharton
Sergeant Frank   Lochli Marine Corps East Hanover
Staff Sergeant Richard H. Loock Air Force Chatham
Specialist Five Harold F. Mabee Army Landing
Specialist Five Gerard D. Mania Army Lake Hiawatha
Private 1st Class Dennis R. McCann Army Lake Hopatcong
Specialist Four Peter G. McCormack Army Kenvil
Chief Warrant Officer Three Gerald H. McDonald Army Dover
Specialist Four Carlos R. Mederos Army Ledgewood
Lance Corporal Henry J. Miller Marine Corps Netcong
Sergeant Richard C. Miller Army Morristown
Private 1st Class Thomas F. Miller Marine Corps Whippany
Corporal Ronald   Nisivoccia Marine Corps Whippany
Seaman Michael J. Nowacki Posthumous Navy Towaco
Petty Officer 3rd Class Edward R. Nunn Navy Madison
Seaman Daniel V. O'Connor Navy Hopatcong
Corporal Raymond   Perkins Marine Corps Budd Lake
Sergeant Frank   Poolas Marine Corps Dover
Specialist Four Paul F. Powell Army Flanders
Staff Sergeant Stuart T. Powers Air Force Mine Hill
Specialist Four Norman L. Provost Army Denville
Sergeant Adam A. Renzulli Marine Corps Lake Hiawatha
Sergeant 1st Class Claridge A. Rice Army Flanders
Specialist Four William G. Riley Army Budd Lake
Specialist Four Albert A. Rocchetti Army Morris Plains
Specialist Four Ronald   Roetman Army Riverdale
Specialist Five Joseph P. Romano Army Randolph
Specialist Four Anthony D. Roskowsky Army Oak Ridge
Specialist Four Emil D. Ruesch Army Randolph
Lance Corporal Joseph C. Sanchelli Marine Corps Whippany
Specialist Five Richard C. Schoerner Army Morristown
Petty Officer 2nd Class John A. Scott Navy Succasunna
Major Elizabeth A. Scott-Hughes Army Dover
Sergeant Frank E. Scozzafava Army Boonton
Captain Stanley R. Sebastian Army Denville
Corporal Michael J. Sellitto Marine Corps Mine Hill
Specialist Four James R. Silance Army Madison
Private 1st Class Steven C. Simko Army Chatham
Master Sergeant James V. Simmons Air Force Lake Hiawatha
Specialist Four Charles M. Slavin Army Lincoln Park
Specialist Five Michael B. Sonneberg Army Riverdale
Seaman Apprentice George A. Sparano Navy Denville
Specialist Four Thomas W. Sperry Posthumous Army Lake Hopatcong
Specialist Five Stephen F. Stross Army Boonton
Sergeant James F. Taylor Army Butler
Sergeant Terry H. Thompson Army Sparta
Specialist Four Edward C. Tunis Army Florham Park
Petty Officer 3rd Class S. Mark   Vandling Navy Randolph
Sergeant James   Vialard Army Denville
Petty Officer 3rd Class William W. Wagner Navy Denville
Private 1st Class Eugene L. Ward Army Rockaway
Seaman David R. Wheelock Navy Califon
Specialist Four Hiran H. Zaragoza Army Rockaway
Specialist Four Edward J. Zetlin Army Parsippany



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