PSAB Deployment A Success
By Maj. Roger Pharo and Staff Sgt. Mark Olsen

The New Jersey National Guard promotes education in New Jersey.

We now sponsor after school programs in three school districts, sponsor classes in our armories, run a summer camp at Sea Girt, operate the ChalleNGe Youth Program, and provide our members with the meants to get a college diploma or masters degree.

We recently graduated our 13th class from the ChalleNGe Youth Program. I cannot say enough good things about the opportunities that this has provided NJ children who have "lost their way". If you know a high school dropout, or can get the word out about this program through your schools and groups we can help a lot more children find their way. The next class will start soon and they are looking for cadets for the program. For more information, call (609)562-0570.

We have after school program in our armories in Jersey City, Plainfield, Teaneck, and Newton. The Guard helps provide a safe haven for children between the hours of 3 and 6 pm when most young people would be left un-supervised. If you have to volunteer to help out in these programs, contact Col. Ken Prossick, our new coordinator of youth programs.

The Guard has opened up two armories for community schools and high schoolers from Brick have been able to apply their physics lessons to the problems of getting one of our KC-135 tankers airborne while attending classes at McGuire. We also support more than 20 JROTC programs with training partnerships and equipment. The Guard is a partner in education in New Jersey.

Did you know that as a NJNG member, you can attend a state or county college and not pay tuition? In addition, you are authorized an additional $263 per month under the provisions of the Montgomery Reserve GI Bill, as long as you carry at least 12 credits per semester. We will even pay your tuition through graduate school. This is available while you serve your community and country as Guard members. Another benefit, for those who qualify is an $5,000 or $8,000 enlistment bonus. You can be in the NJ National Guard, get an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree, and emerge debt free - all during your first enlistment!

Another benefit that we offer to our Guard family is the NJ National Guard Youth Camp. It is an opportunity for your children or grandchildren to spend a week at beautiful Sea Girt, in a safe and supervised overnight program, at a cost lower than a day at a theme park.

You will see an increase in your insurance benefit starting April 1. Your SGLI benefit increases from $200,000 to $250,000, 365 days per year coverage - not just during duty time - for just $20 per month. Life insurance is a benefit we never hope to use, but it certainly can be a comfort for your loved ones.