AT 2001, The Guard, And Opportunity
By Spc. Marimer Navarrete, 444th MPAD

After all the time Spc. Francine Remo has been in the Guard, this is the first time that her civilian boss will see her as a soldier.

"She is very excited to see all the aspects of the military life," said Spc. Remo. "At least for a day."

Her boss, Doreen Pedreira, who works at an advertising agency in New York City, flew on the Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Bosslift from McGuire Air Force Base to meet her employee at Fort Drum. "I consider this trip a very interesting experience, especially flying on a military helicopter and getting to see an aerial refueling," said Pedreira, a Human Resources Director. "Today I got to see the intensive training our employees go through at Annual Training."

Spc. Remo, who is assigned to the support operation, 50th Main Support Battalion, considers this AT a great experience. "One of my responsibilities is medical accountability," noted Spc. Remo. "I travel from the medical detachment and get the sick calls we have through out the 50th MSB as well as the infantry, cavalry and field artillery units."

Spc. Remo started her military career in the Army Reserve. She switched over to the New Jersey Army National Guard and is taking advantage of the free college tuition at Rutgers University. "What I really like about Guard is the opportunity it gives me to earn my bachelors degree."

Now Doreen Pedreira has a new perspective on her employee. She will see her as a Guardsman.