50th PSB Competes In Army-Style Iron Chef

Photos and story by Tech. Sgt. Mark Olsen, NJDMAVA/PA

Soldiers form 50th PSB prepare meal

In one of the more unusual military competitions, personnel from the 50th Personnel Service Battalion and the 50th Finance Battalion competed in an international cook-off in hopes of winning the prestigious Philip A. Connelly Award, the Army’s version of the Iron Chef.

Spc. Maria Gibson chops veggiesOn Nov. 9, the New Jersey Army Guardsmen went head-to-head against the six best food service units in the active-duty Army, Reserve, and other Guard units worldwide in hopes of being recognized as the best Army field food service unit. This is the first time a New Jersey unit has made it to this level in the annual competition. The evaluators judge all aspects of field food service operations. The evaluation took place Bivouac area 4A at Fort Dix.

The evaluators were so impressed with the cooks’ performance, all were given merit citations. The 50th also received a plaque for being one of seven finalists in the competition.