Day In The Life Observed Oct. 22

Photos and story by Tech. Sgt. Mark Olsen, NJDMAVA/PA.

Soldiers observe from thier postLast May 30, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Public Affairs entered into an agreement to produce a book documenting Oct. 22, 2002 as “A day in the life of the U.S. Armed Forces.” From 10 to noon, Oct. 22, I photographed Sgt. Bruce J. Hars, B Company, 1st Battalion, 126th Aviation, along with Spc. William D. O’Neal and Spc. Quron B. Wynn, both of B Company, 2-113th Infantry Division, New Jersey Army National Guard, of Task Force Falcon’s Honor, as they performed a perimeter patrol at the Salem-Hope Nuclear Generating Plant near Salem. New Jersey Army Guardsmen have been an integral part of the the Homeland Security forces at both nuclear power plant locations since 911. And with few exceptions, almost every unit in the New Jersey Army National Guard have guarded the power plants.

The day in the life project was truly global in scope. United States armed forces across the country and at every imaginable location worldwide were being examined and photographed than at any other time since World War II. The project was designed to “show the emotions, humanity, and diversity of the men and women serving their country on that day in history.” It involved both civilian and military photographers at 125 specific installations, as well as video production teams documenting the project. Part of the immediacy of the day in the life books has been the minuteby- minute, hour-by-hour accounting for the day being observed. Regardless of the locations, the books describe the numerous activities that are occuring moment by moment during the day. Keeping track of this was once a nuisance. Fortunately with the advent of digital cameras date and time was automatically recorded down to the second.

Soldiers observe form thier postAfter the book is published the best photographs will be chosen and assembled into a traveling exhibition. Even though the 125 specific installations were already chosen, military photographers at other installations were encouraged to provide imagery to support the project. These open submission photographers are not guaranteed publication; however, all open submission imagery will be given equal consideration, based on image content and technical quality.

The subject matter areas to be covered ranged from human-interest stories to images that show the massive scale of the largest military force on earth and its wide range of missions.

The book's release date is scheduled for April 2003, however here is an early sampling of the pictures submitted for the New Jersey Army National Guard.