"177th Best Seen To Date"

On Aug. 12, 2002, the 177th Fighter Wing underwent a weeklong Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI).

“Looking back over the last two years of inspections the 177th is the BEST seen to date,” stated Col. Joseph J. Kahoe, Inspector General (IG) Team Chief.

The UCI's purpose was to verify the wing’s compliance with public law, Department of Defense, Air Force, Air Combat Command, and Air National Guard directives by using Air Combat Command and National Guard Bureau.

The IG team inspected 476 critical compliance objectives with the following findings; 383 or 81% “Complied”, 79 or 16% “Complied with Comments”, and only 14 or less then 3% “Did Not Comply.” The IG team also recognized 11 superior performer teams, 58 individual superior performers, two best practices, and zero findings. The 177th was one of only two units Air Combat Command-wide to satisfactorily pass their Special Interest Item.