New Jersey Army Guard Scores Perfect CLRT-X
By Maj. Elizabeth T. Muren, STARC Maintainance Officer

The New Jersey Army National Guard received a perfect score on this year's Command Logistics Review Team - Expanded (CLRT-X) inspection.

Overall, 13 of 13 areas inspected received satisfactory ratings, placing New Jersey as one only two states to recently achieve this distinction. A CLRTX combines several inspections into one major evaluation, which allows the National Guard Bureau evaluate each state’s logistical posture.

New Jersey’s CLRT-X was conducted Feb. 24 -28. Col. Frank Carlini, Chief of Staff, Army, organized assistance teams to prepare the various organizations and identify areas where resources could best be applied.

A year prior to the CLRT-X, several In-Progress Reviews and workshops were conducted in preparation for the inspection by the State Area Command Logistics Office (G-4) and the United States Property and Fiscal Office. In addition, a web site was developed, containing a self-evaluation checklist, mailing lists, a documentation page for reference material and a links page.

Thirty days prior to the inspection the state was notified that the following units would be inspected: 50th PSB, HHC DISCOM, HHC 250th SBF, HHC 50th Bde, HHC 2-102nd AR, C Btry 3-112th FA, T3BL, CSMS-B, UTES, OMS-1, OMS-12, OMS-20, OMS-25, USP&FO, USP&FO warehouse, Class IX warehouse, the G-4, the Surface Maintenance Office and the Division Support Command property book.

Due to New Jersey's success, the state is not scheduled for another CLRT-X for 40 months.

A job well done by all involved One Team, One Fight, One Future.