Click to return to front pageCommittee Report on the New Jersey Naval Militia Joint Command (NJNMJC) to The Adjutant General
Executive Summary

The National Guard is a full partner in the Global War on Terrorism. Fifty percent of the military members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are Guard and Reserve. This year, the New Jersey Army National Guard is experiencing historic mobilizations. More than 60 percent of the New Jersey Army National Guard will be deployed to support Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the Sinai. Beyond the involvement of the New Jersey Army National Guard overseas operations, is the need for additional resources in the ports as articulated in the Coast Guard letter at Appendix A. Additionally, the New Jersey Air National Guard continues to support all operations stateside daily and overseas on a regularly scheduled rotational basis.

Given this current opstempo for the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard, the utilization of a State Defense Force such as the New Jersey Naval Militia Joint Command (NJNMJC) is a logical solution given their proven ability to be a force multiplier. P.L.2004 c.300 required NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to study the need for a NJNMJC. The Department
of Military and Veterans Affairs recommends the continuation and further development of the NJNMJC as follows:

• To best position the organization for federal recognition, re-organize the three currently existing divisions into two distinct organizations—the State Guard and the Naval Militia under the NJNMJC.

• Implement the draft regulations that will address at a minimum security checks, fitness, accession criteria, and training in accordance with federal and state statutes as well as compliance with NGR 10-4.

• State funds need to be appropriated. The projected total costs for Years 1-3 are $706,800.

• In accordance with the findings of the Attorney General, seek a change to N.J.S.A.38A:3-6.1 to allow the NJNMJC to provide aid to localities, a key component in homeland security missions