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Purchasing and Contracting - How to do Business with USPFO
The Purchasing and Contracting Division uses the Procurement Desktop Defense (PD2) for identification of services and supplies provided by our commercial vendors.

In order to do business with this office for actions over $25,000, you must be capable of receiving or viewing the Army Single Face to Industry. Any actions between $3,000 and $150,000 are exclusively reserved for small business concerns.

Most of our actions over $150,000.00 will be either Construction or Architect/Engineer Firm-Fixed price type contracts. In order to become aware of the projects that we are putting on solicitation, you must be capable of receiving or viewing the Army Single Face to Industry. The Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI) is a daily list of U.S. Government procurement synopsis of upcoming projects, contract awards, subcontracting leads, sales of surplus property and foreign business opportunities.

To obtain information to access the website go to: https://acquisition.army.mil/asfi or go to Fedbizops at http://www.fbo.gov

All vendors must be registered with the Central Contractor Registration Database (CCR). Please go to www.ccr.gov for more information.

All actions under $3,000.00 are procured using the Government Purchase Card (GPC). This card is similar to a commercial credit card. It has been decentralized down to the unit level within the New Jersey Army National Guard. The purpose of this card is to give the user a quick response to his/her procurement requirements. It is very important that your firm be capable of accepting a VISA credit card if you are planning on doing future business with the New Jersey Army National Guard.

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