NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Veterans POW-MIA Service Medal

General Information

Eligibility: Presented by the State of New Jersey for individuals who, while serving in any capacity with the U.S. Armed Forces in a combat theater of operations during time of war or emergency, was taken prisoner and held captive and/or listed as missing in action.

- Current resident of New Jersey or resident of New Jersey upon entry on Active Duty.

- Served in a combat theater and was officially listed as a prisoner of war or missing in action by the US Department of Defense.

- Received an Honorable Discharge.

- Posthumous award authorized.

Posthumous - The surviving spouse or immediate family member of any resident of the State meeting the above requirements for a medal and who was killed while on active duty or died after receiving an honorable discharge from the armed forces may apply for a posthumous awarding of the medal.

Application: Individuals applying for the award must forward a completed NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Application for Award /Program form or a similar request in writing along with a copy of the service members DD Form 214 (Separation from Active Duty) attesting to the fact that an Honorable Discharge was granted.

Note: No person shall be entitled to more than one award of the medal.

All Requests should be mailed to:
NJ Dept of Military and Veterans Affairs
PO Box 340
Trenton, NJ 08625-0340

For additional information contact:
Telephone: (609) 530-6868/7035
Fax: (609) 530-6970

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