The Adjutant General Now Determines Veterans Preference

Beginning March 1,The Adjutant General of New Jersey,who also is the Commissioner of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs,will assume the responsibility of determining veterans' status for NJ state residents.

The job was previously the obligation of the New Jersey Department of Personnel and the New Jersey Department of Treasury, Division of Pensions.

The Adjutant General will determine whether a person seeking to be considered a "veteran" or "disabled veteran" meets the criteria established by the law. Any appeals will be adjudicated by the TAG.

When veteran status is determined, The Adjutant General will notify the Department of Personnel for civil service preference and the Division of Pensions and Benefits for retirement allowances and military service credit. The ruling will be binding.

Veteran status or disabled veteran status may be awarded to any person the law.Veterans of war service may be eligible for veterans status for civil service testing,veterans status for retirement allowances or veterans status for military service credit.

War service is defined by service by a veteran in any war, conflict, mission or operation during the periods specified in the law.These include World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam Conflict,Lebanon Peacekeeping Mission, Grenada Peacekeep ing Mission, Panama Peacekeeping Mission, Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield in the Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia,Operations Joint Endeavor and Joint Guard in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina,and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.

For an application or assistance contact local veterans organizations, state or county Veterans Service Office or veteran counselor at a state employment office. The NJDMAVA Veterans' Hot Line phone number is 1- 800-624-0508. Further information is also available on the internet at: