New Jersey Mints Vietnam Service Medal

The Adjutant General approved this design for the New Jersey Vietnam Service Medal and ribbon to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the ending of the Vietnam Conflict in January 1973. It is expected to be minted by this fall.

An eligible veteran must meet all of the following:

-was a resident of New Jersey when enlisted or inducted.

-was on active duty in any branch of the armed forces of the United States in Vietnam,Thailand,Laos or Cambodia or the contiguous waters or airspace thereof on or after December 31,1960 and on or before May 7,1975.

-have been given an honorable discharge from such service or currently serving.

-meet one of the following four "in country" requirements: (1) were attached to or served for one or more days with an organization participating in or directly supporting military operations. (2) were attached to or served for one or more days aboard a United States Naval vessel directly supporting military operations. (3) participated as a crew member in one or more aerial flights into airspace above Vietnam and contiguous waters directly supporting military operations. (4) served on temporary duty for 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days in Vietnam or contiguous areas, except that this time limit may be waived for persons participating in actual combat operations.

The surviving spouse or immediate family member of any resident of the state meeting the above requirements for a medal and who was killed while on active duty or died after receiving an honorable discharge from the armed forces may apply for a posthumous awarding of the medal.

No applications are currently being accepted. Information and applications will be available this fall.