Other Civil Service Benefits for Veterans Preference

Note - In the following section "the board" refers to the Merit System Board. By law it consists of five members, one the Commissioner of Personnel serves as chairperson. The other members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate for staggered terms of four years and until the appointment and qualification of their successors. No more than three of the five members shall be of the same political party. Three members of the board shall constitute a quorum.

Appointment of veterans. Whenever a disabled veteran or veteran shall be certified to an appointing authority from an open competitive employment list, the appointing authority shall appoint the disabled veteran or veterans in the order of ranking.

Application of statutes to promotions. Nothing contained in New Jersey statute 11A:5-4 through 11A:5-6 shall apply to promotions, but whenever a veteran ranks highest on a promotional certification, a non-veteran shall not be appointed unless the appointing authority shall show cause before the board why a veteran should not receive such promotion.

Preference in appointment in noncompetitive division. From among those eligible for appointment in the noncompetitive division, preference shall be given to a qualified veteran. Before an appointing authority shall select a non-veteran and not appoint a qualified veteran, the appointing authority shall show cause before the board why a veteran should not be appointed. In all cases, a disabled veteran shall have preference over all others.

Preference to veterans in layoffs. When a layoff occurs, preference shall be given first to a disabled veteran and then to a veteran, but the preference shall apply only where the disabled veteran or veteran has seniority in title equal to that of a nonveteran also affected by the layoff.

Hearing on dismissal of veterans. Before any department head shall dismiss any veteran, such department head shall show cause before the board why such veteran should not be retained, at which time such veteran or veterans may be privileged to attend. The board shall be the sole judge of the facts constituting such qualification.

Veterans not to be discriminated against because of physical defects. Veterans suffering from any physical defect caused by wounds or injuries received in the line of duty in the military or naval forces of the United States during war service shall not be discriminated against in an examination, classification or appointment because of the defect, unless this defect, in the opinion of the board, would incapacitate the veteran from properly performing the duties of the office, position or employment for which applied.