New Jersey Property Tax Deduction

There is an annual property tax deduction of two hundred and fifty dollars.

Veterans' eligibility

~ Served during a specified NJ wartime period.*
~ a citizen of the United States
~ resident of New Jersey
~ honorably discharged or released under honorable conditions from active service in a war-time period, in any branch of the U.S. Armed Services.

*Must have served at least 14 days in combat zone. Combat zone qualification is most frequently indicated by an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

Surviving spouse's eligibility
~ The surviving wife or husband of a veteran who was a citizen of the United States and resident of New Jersey and one of the following:

~ Was receiving the deduction prior to the veteran's death.
~ Would have been eligible for the deduction had the veteran filed an application prior to death.
~ Has died on active duty in a wartime period.

The application process - Filing an application with all required documentation prior to December 31 of the pre-tax year in order to be effective in the next year. Documentation includes the property deed and discharge (DD-214) for the veteran. The widow may need to submit the property deed, marriage certificate, death certificate and discharge (DD-214).

Continuance of Deduction - The tax assessor MAY at any time require the filing of a new application or request documentation to determine continuance of the deduction. However, the tax assessor cannot require a new application from every veteran or spouse every year.

Deduction for Cooperatives - For cooperatives, the procedure is different. The manager or superintendent must complete forms indicating the names and locations of the veterans or spouses within the co-op to the tax assessor. The deduction is then granted to the co-op, the co-op is responsible to either reduce the rent by deduction amount or present a check to the veteran or spouse.

Refunds for Deductions - NO RETROACTIVE payment for the deduction for any previous year(s) when an application was not filed with all supporting documentation.