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Our Facility

Vineland VMH

The new replacement Residential facility was completed in November of 2005.  This 215,000 sq ft facility is located on a 27 acre parcel of land and offers the following special features:

  • 28 bed apartment-like rooms to allow long-term care residents the ability to maximize a higher level of independence.

  • A specially designed 32 bed Special Therapeutic Needs Unit with an enclosed courtyard to meet the needs of the Alzheimer/dementia patient and ensure their highest level of safety.

  • Four 60-bed long-term care skilled nursing units



  • Large two level courtyard located in the center of the living units.

  • Uniquely designed waterfall entitled “Wall of the Tide” by artist, Alice Adams, located in the heart of the courtyard.

  • Handcrafted stained glass designed by artist, Kenneth Leap, located in the Chapel and the computer library, extending two stories high.

  • Full Service VA clinic offering Audiology, Ophthalmology, Speech and Dental Services.

  • Extensive Rehabilitation Services with state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Barber Shop/Beauty Salon

  • Four Lane wheelchair accessible bowling alley

  • Home Entertainment Center Movie Theater

  • Commissary

  • Canteen


Barber/Beauty Shop

  • Wash
  • Cut
  • Perms
  • Sets
  • Shaves
  • Our licensed cosmetologist also offers scheduled service in the resident’s room if needed.



The commissary offers various items for sale for residents, visitors, employees, etc…

  • Newspapers
  • T-shifts
  • Baseball caps
  • Greeting cards
  • Military memorabilia
  • Small gift items



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