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Once you have received your CDL, you can add endorsements and upgrade your license class. You can also downgrade your CDL at any time if you would like to drop to a lower class or remove an endorsement. Most commercial drivers will need to obtain at least one endorsement.

Vehicle Endorsement Special Requirement
Double and Triple Trailer Needed for operators of vehicles pulling two or three trailers A Class A license is required to operate this type of vehicle
Passenger Needed for operators of buses or similar vehicles used to transport passengers

Requires a road test. Other special requirements [183k pdf] are necessary.

Download fingerprint application [pdf]

School Bus Needed for all school bus drivers Requires a knowledge and road test; Drivers who hold an "S" endorsement will also have to test for a "P" endorsement–both are required to operate a school bus.
Download the S Endorsement brochure [491k pdf]
Tank Vehicle Needed for operators of vehicles that transport liquids or gas in bulk  
Hazardous Materials Needed for operators of vehicles transporting hazardous materials Must be trained and retested every two years.
Note: Federal Requirements [152k pdf]
Air Brakes Needed for any vehicle equipped with air brakes Special road test federally required; If test is not taken, an "L" restriction is added to the CDL license

To qualify for CDL endorsements you must:
  • Be at least 18 years of age for intrastate use
  • Be at least 21 years of age with three years driving experience for interstate use, hazardous materials, school bus or passenger endorsements
  • Have 20/40 vision in each eye (with or without glasses)
  • Have 70 degrees of peripheral vision in each eye
  • Be able to recognize red, green and amber colors
Applicants who intend to operate a school bus:
  • Are required to have a federal background check and a state criminal background investigation (available through employer or local school district)
  • You must present the Department of Education Criminal History Review Unit Blue Seal Approval Letter verifying completion of these investigations at the time of the road test
  • Must supply a CDL holder Self-Certification document along with a Medical Examiner's Certificate
Applicants driving buses other than school buses for the Department of Education:
  • Are required to have a state criminal background check
  • Must supply a CDL holder Self-Certification document along with a Medical Examiner's Certificate completed by a federally certified medical examiner