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Renewal notices for IFTA should all be mailed out to customers by the middle of November. Once you receive it you can begin processing your work online using the information provided on the renewal and clicking here. If you wish to mail it to us, please follow the instructions below under the Renewal section.

Below is information that pertains to already established IFTA accounts. If you do not have an IFTA account and are in need of one, please click here.  Decals will be issued to you when the New Account is created.

Renewal of IFTA Annual License
Customers looking to renew their IFTA accounts can do so online by clicking on Motor Carrier Online Services to the left. You also can renew by mailing the completed renewal notice to us or by coming in to the office.

    1. You must have an IFTA account that has been active within the last six years.
    2. The IFTA account must not be delinquent for any Tax Quarter.
    3. If you send someone to renew for a company or in the owners place the person must have; a valid Power of Attorney with proper notarization and a copy of their driver’s license to match. If either are non legible, we may require a new copy before we process the work.

Additional Decals
Additional sets of stickers can be purchased through the mail on company letterhead (please include your Taxpayer ID Number, Company Name, and a check for $10.00 per set of stickers) or in our Trenton Regional office for $10.00 each as long as the IFTA account has already been renewed for the current year.

Replacement Decals
If a decal is missing from your truck (stolen, fell off, etc.), we offer an option to replace your old set of decals with new ones for $10.00. This can be requested by mailing a request on company letterhead (please include your Taxpayer ID Number, Company Name, and a check for $10.00 per set of stickers) or by coming to our Trenton Regional office.

If you never received the decal in the mail from your renewal request, then you may call (609) 633-9400 option #2. We will send you an affidavit to fill out and once we receive it back in the mail we will supply you with a replacement free of charge.

Changes to IFTA account
If you require a change to your account, you must bring the following into our Trenton Regional office or fax (609-943-5214) over a copy with a letter of intention of what to change with the Federal Tax ID #:

    1. Business Name: A valid SS-4 from the IRS is required for changes to the name.
    2. Physical Address (Business): A valid SS-4 from the IRS or a utility bill with the company name and address that is from the current year.
    3. Physical Address (Personal): If the account is under your personal name, to change the address we require your license or a utility bill with the accurate address. The utility bill must be from the current year.
    4. Mailing Address: We require only a written request to change the mailing address.
    5. Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN): A valid SS-4 from the IRS is required.